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Oops, I thought this was the “Saw Anything” thread…


The emoticon looks like a koala! So cute! :smile:


Oh come on it was almost 1000!

Curse you nova!!! You totally stole my first! =O


harr harr harr :smiling_imp:


I went to bed too early; now I’m up at 2:20 am. Oh well. A good thing is that the corner gas station is closed, so I can’t buy cigs. I just have to make do with my blu vape. It’s really not so bad, and it does the job.


The nurse I talked to yesterday said I didn’t seem to be doing much better, the one I talked to this morning said I seem to be doing way better.

I think they’ll send me home today. Not sure I want that. But I don’t want to take up the space if someone needs it more.


I have good news! I talked to my case manager, he said I can go visit my mum in Norway for christmas!
According to the rules, I haven’t been on welfare long enough to qualify for international travel privileges, but he said he loves christmas and would hate to keep me from my family, so he’ll write me a permission slip, so to speak.
Whohoo! I’m happy, my mum is happy, everybody happeh!


S***! its 430 am and I can’t get back to sleep. This hasn’t happened in quite some time.


I’m going back to bed now.


It’s my cake day everybody!


HapPy HaPy Cake Day @BrianTex


They’re sending me home for a few hours to see how it goes. And they’re paying for the cab-rides.

At least they didn’t send me home home straight away. I’ll return to the ward tonight, and talk to a doctor again tomorrow


Anything 151515


well the hvac guy is finally here working and the amish carpenters are here working. finally we got some action. would go quick if they showed up every day. mom and dad are no longer anticipating being in their new house by Christmas, we’ll see.


slept well last night. having my 2nd cup of coffee now.


I slept until 9. Went to bed about 10. So I got 11 hours. All is good in the neighborhood.


Hung up the jeans and put shorts on today. The wife had me doing honey dos all day yesterday. She made me cut the grass even.

It’s December. The grass isn’t even growing but I used the bag catcher and got up all the leaves. So at least I got something out of it. Don’t usually use that. I also had to pull up all the dead banana trees. And she made me go buy a weed eater. And I put little fences all around some of the gardens to keep the dogs out and from digging holes.


well the boys have their work cut out for them tonight. playing a team that blew em out last year. my sister says they have an 8th grader who is dunking already. we have a good team, like 4 guards who make 3’s, but not much size. just one kid that’s 6 ft and the coaches ride him pretty good to get rebounds.


I Asked my kids if they wanted to get pizza delivery or for me to make food. Ì was sure they would want pizza but they both said they wanted me to make supper. Ì was very pleased they want food from home. Now just to figure out what to make.


I love your food polls!!! Do another poll.