🍀 Say Anything XLII


6:10 over here @Italy2010


I checked my medical chart online, the pill was vitamin D. Apparently it says I have a deficiency they haven’t told me about :sweat_smile:


When watching music videos on YouTube I need to remind myself not to read the damn comments. Some people are a-holes, will say anything they want as long as they have a keyboard behind which to hide. I see people in the comments section acting like they are knowledgeable metal aficionados when clearly they don’t know ■■■■. Ugh, whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all?” Okay, sorry, rant over.


I fully agree with you. I try the “If you have nothing good to say about it don’t say anything.” mentality when it comes to posting online. Some of the ■■■■ posted on youtube is immature and a lot of it is down right stupid. Don’t give it much thought! At the very least sometimes there are is a funny comment or two. On youtube people act funny, some are really try to act like tough guys or experts on a particular subject. It gets pretty toxic. You’re lucky you don’t play video games, you’d be amazed how rude people can be over a video game. Some of it makes me laugh though. I’ll share an example…

A friend of mine asked if it was raining over here. I said, “Yeah, it’s raining.” some random racist guy told me, “It’s raining balls on your chin.” LMAO. It makes me laugh but jeez…I just ignored him.


Mid-day bordem… Drinking a raspberry and blueberry smoothie with nothing to do.


I got a few more hours sleep. Guess I feel capable of tackling today.


I make half a pot of coffee and take my abilify this morning I’m ready for day too :blush:


I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy. I love that show. It’s one of the few shows that didn’t go bad


Damn it, my Juul pen battery is dead, and I can’t find the charging dock. It’s so small and easy to lose. I’m sure it’s in my cluttered apartment somewhere, in which case it could be a long time before I find it.

I wish they sold the charging dock by itself, but nope, guess I’ll have to buy a new pen with charging dock. I have several unused Juul pods that I am not going to let go to waste, not to mention that pen is so convenient for work.


Not only does it get dark later but we get to watch the sun rise too :relieved:



Slept for like 4 hours…

Getting in those ‘not feeling anything’ moods before sleep.

Now I think I know why I basically said I wanted to be unborn when I last took an ambien. Was the very last time too.


I take a Vitamin D supplement, an over the counter one. A few years ago, my Vitamin D was so low I had to take prescription-strength Vitamin D. I’m not sure why my levels get so low. It may have to do with me not going out in the sun very much. That’s where you get most of your Vitamin D from. The thing is I had melanoma removed from my back a few years ago so I don’t go out in the sun much because of my risk for skin cancer.


I had hoped I’d be able to get a nap in starting at noon, but it is nearly a quarter after twelve, and I am wide awake.

Maybe around 1:00 I can get to sleep.

How are y’all feeling?


The VA is filling all my prescriptions now. On some of them he gave me 11 refills. 5 on the others.

My insurance isn’t bad but free is mo better.


Well the schizophrenia sign is gone and replaced by “Discourse” lol. Now I don’t have to worry about peeking eyes and it being super obvious on what type forum I’m on lol


@TomCat I’m so glad to see everything is working out for you. You seemed so concerned. I get that way, too, when I’m not sure something will or will not happen, for certain. Congrats!


Seems like a nice day today. Must be in the 60s. Hope you all have good weather as well. Hasn’t been this warm in a while.


And nevermind. I’m an abrasive b


Yeah, its the same here in Iowa


On a whim I drove to Sprouts and got some frozen food that was recommended to me. I got one chicken biriyani and one chicken pad Thai. I look forward to trying them.