🍀 Say Anything XLII


Walked around and eventually had to take my meds, was getting pretty out there, stopped in the middle of the street and someone tried getting my attention and I stared of into space until my boyfriend nudged me, and I think the person saw me take the pill. It was an awkward conversation :joy:


I’m not suicidal since last spring thank goodness for the meds :blush:


Yeyy!! That’s great!


That’s a great feeling!!


Why is this site so addictive? I always say I’m gonna take a break from coming on here and it never happens.


I say I’m going to take a break to myself alot but here I am


Am settling in for an evening of watching the darts! Love it!


Darts is a board game in America. What are they in the uk?


Sorry not a board game but a game.


Hi everyone!

I sent out about four messages on my online dating profile.

Haven’t heard back from anyone. Maybe I’m ugly. Idk. :confused: :thinking:


Yeah I think darts is the same over here - often played in pubs?


I notice that the main forum doesn’t have “Schizophrenia.com” on the top anymore, guess that’s a good thing.


Going to a antique military ‘yard’ sale here in Germany tomorrow! It ranges from 1800s to 1945. I’ll be bringing a good amount of cash just in case I see something I need to buy for my historical uniform collection I’ve been building since last month! What I’m looking for is WW2 Japanese pilot gear, American civil war uniforms, WW2 US/German paratrooper uniforms, and WW1 French/German uniforms. So I got a wide selection and good chance of finding what I’m looking for but I’m not gunna spend 1,000 euros in one day lol. So I’m excited for tomorrow. Just Google “forum historicum” and you’ll see it I think.


Well be careful with those darts dont hit anyone


I’m sure you’re not ugly!

It takes people a while to respond to those types of things, especially a new message from a new person.

Its a numbers game, you’ll get someone’s attention, it just may take time.


I don’t feel good today. Feeling a little nauseous and really really sleepy. As soon as Mr LED gets home to watch little LED I think I’m going to take a nap.


Hey peeps. My therapy went great last night. Now I’m at the library. I’m checking out two movies. One on Lions and Hyenas and the other on Tiger Sharks. Looking forward to them if they aren’t scratched to heck.


I just got a letter from my new job and they put me up in a really nice hotel. They say they are going to give me a laptop and an iPhone. I already have two laptops and an iPhone.

I have trouble keeping the iPhone I already have charged. Now I am going to have to keep 2 of them charged.


Well, I got in a decent nap; I think I’ll be okay to be up all night. I’m starting work at 9 tonight, instead of 10. My boss wants to try having me work 9-7 instead of 10-8. Whatever, doesn’t matter much to me.


The driveway guy came to do the shoveling. Not that I have any intention to go anywhere today