Say Anything veinte (20)

That’s horrible! I hope you can fix it


scientific and historical comments are not allowed on this site.

as if you can block truth.

I’m off my phone for 2 seconds and I have to keep reentering my passcode. I don’t know how to take the stupid code off my phone.

AND somehow I accidentally set up my TV to talk to me. I don’t know how to turn that off either and that woman’s voice is really creepy! Lol.


What is it telling you?? :joy:

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yep, they make that very clear, don’t raise sensibilities in others. but then over half are chronic for other reasons. whatever.

did we never grow up?

I’m ready for the day. All showered and dressed. :sunny:

I need to leave soon for my first appointment.

Hubby recommended that I try avoiding caffeine for a few days to see if avoiding it helps my fibro fog (brain fog from fibromyalgia). I really love coffee in the morning. It helps me have something to look forward to when I wake up.

Oh, well. No coffee, today and tomorrow. Also no caffeinated Zevia soda. :coffee:

I can make some iced herbal tea, though! Maybe when I get home from my 2nd appointment. :cup_with_straw:


She says things like “returning to screen saver”


If you love coffee so much why not drink decaf?

Well folks chicken is marinating. In about 4 or 5 hours will bake it. I didn’t have tomato sauce so I used undiluted canned tomato soup in mine.


@ThePickinSkunk you might like this marinade.


Decaf still has some caffeine, it’s not 100% caffeine free. Otherwise, I would totally drink it. But I’m trying to avoid any caffeine, even small amounts.


I’ve been drinking have coke and half coffee to get my caffeine fix.

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testing testing testing


I don’t know how to ask for help anymore. I don’t feel like anyone can help anyway. Nothing matters


Have you tried any of the mental health text lines?

Those seem to help a lot of people.


I’ve tried th in the past and it doesn’t help

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What about it doesn’t help?

I thought they were mostly there to listen.


I just don’t feel like they care. They’re usually pretty rushed to get you through

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Are you getting nervous about court tomorrow?

Is that what’s going on?

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I now believe the vaccine and COVID itself are both designed to kill of certain genes in humans which would lead to a jump in evolution for these particular humans. A way of controlling the speed of evouloution of the human race. These things have been studied extensively by the powers at be

I also now believe that they use nanotechnology to turn a screen into a camera, that’s why you wouldn’t find a camera behind the screen if you looked. It’s liquid nano technology which sends a signal back through the internet of the phone so they can see you