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@Chess24 what are your thoughts on Netanyahu. he may be indicted


That’s almost what mine are. I feel the crawling, but then I also feel things like ant bites. I only have marks from me scratching myself incessantly. I can’t even eat without scratching.


im zoning out to the high pitched squeels of a furbie while a british man talks about the history of furbies and the furbie organ lol


Is this a good idea? I got an interview for a part time job being a teacher’s assistant at a Chinese Church preschool. I don’t know if I have the energy for the job but they said they would let me volunteer for a day to see if I can do it. I asked for 20 hours a week and they said we will talk about it. I also got an email asking about a possible job interview for a after school computer programming TA. I want to work really badly. It would be nice to pay for my programming classes which I eventually want to use to build an app for the mental health organization I work for. And start freelancing


So you are handling two job offers.


Well neither place has accepted me yet.


Which one sounds better to you?


I would do the programming job. It’s related experience.


Idk! Honestly substitute teaching might start soon and that pays way more than either jobs. I am not trying to choose between the two jobs. My mom used to be a preschool teacher in China and thinks preschool TA will be too much for me. Substituting is $160 per day for as many or as few days as you want. I think I might do 2 days substituting, 2 days coding instructor if I get the job… Just forget about the preschool job for now? Honestly I would choose the least stressful option but idk which choice that is…
Thanks for helping me, btw. Appreciate it!


You can blog about anything but you need good social media marketing to get traffic and exposure.

I have one blog about graphic design and start-up guides for new business owners. I also freelance as a designer online.

The second is something I started in January. I am a makeup artist so I blog about beauty, veganism, fashion, lifestyle and travel.



Just got yet another interview. This time for 2 days a week as a high school day time one on one tutor. I seem to get a call back for every ■■■■■■■ job I apply to. I better be more selective about where I apply.


Yeyy I caught up reading this thread! Lol was only 60 messages behind hehe. I like reading everything you guys say! Gets me to do something for my boring times lol


Yesterday I met with my case manager and after he left I went straight to bed and took a nap, as I was paranoid about our meeting.

Anyhow, today was a better, much more productive day. I was able to shop, shower, study and watch my anime. I also spent hours looking for remote jobs, but I couldn’t find any.

I’m thinking about making some changes to my schedule and course selection. I dunno, just playing around with some ideas.


That’s good! Gives you lots of options.


crappy skin disease and sza, what a life


Finally figured out how to make a polygon with Google maps. I was watching YouTube tutorials and didn’t learn ■■■■. Then I found sample code directly from Google and figured it out!


I think it would be cool if i got this subtext under my name: Brain powered by Sarcosine.


Page @ moderators if you’re serious.



“Brain powered by Sarcosine.” under my name please!