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Things are going pretty well so far. I’ve been working a lot, wearing myself out at times. How are things with you, @goldenrex? I’m glad you’re so excited about your surgery; I’d be nervous, but I suppose you’re looking forward to the relief you’ll be getting. Do you have back problems because of it?


I’m very nervous about trusting this nerd with my life,

But still, I’m excited.

I do have some back pain, not near as much as I stated to the insurance company though…


I think its awesome you’ve been so busy, sure, its exhausting, but its so much better than when you were at home wondering what was going to happen, right?

Its great to see you on here again!


Yes, this is much better than when I was unemployed. That was stressful for me. I’m still drowning a bit in my bills, but I’ll make it.

I think if I can make it through until late May I will be ok. I may have to ask my sister for some financial help in the meantime. I will be doing more teaching in May/June, so I think I will be ok at that point.

I’m in the middle of doing my taxes, and I have realized my refund is not going to be enough to allow me to move, with having to buy a new set of tires for my car. The tires that are on it are pretty much bald at this point. I simply need more income to make a move happen, that’s all there is to it.


Maybe you can reassess the moving situation this summer,

It’ll be here before you know it.

That aside, you seem to be doing very well,

I’m really happy you were able to pull through,

You had a hell of a rough patch a few months ago.

You have a lot to be proud of.


So. It is 8AM and I haven’t slept yet. What would you do if you were me? Try and fall asleep and end up sleeping for 16 hours and wake up depressed, or stay up and possibly trigger a manic episode. I really dunno which option is better.


Don’t set those kind of expectations,

Try to sleep for 6 hours and drink some strong coffee when you wake up,

Maybe you won’t be depressed or manic.


From what I’ve read today your ass should be in the hospital.

What are you doing about your rash??


I didn’t see if you started a thread or not, but you should definitely get it checked out asap before it gets worse.


Going to get it checked today. I’m going to try and set up a same day appointment with my GP. If not I’ll probably have to go to hospital.


You know he’s probs going to send you straight to the hospital,

I’d just cut out the middle man and go to the ER.

You’re having a reaction to medication, they’ll get you back pretty quickly, I think.

When my husband had a reaction to some medication, despite probably fifty people in the waiting room, they took him straight back. We were out of there in two hours.


That is encouraging. I’ll update you guys when I go to ER.


I’m super stumbly today. Like, you know how you run into walls and ■■■■ when you get up after taking way too many sleeping pills? I feel like that, but I didn’t take any sedatives last night. And I’ve been up for over an hour and I’m still all wobbly and stumbling around. Not sure what’s going on. I feel fine otherwise, so hopefully it passes soon.


I just binged and bought Valentine’s present for my nephews. I really shouldn’t have spent the $$, but couldn’t resist. At least I bought books and not something completely dumb.


Mr LED stayed up late last night and mostly finished cleaning up the living room! He knew it was causing me a lot of stress seeing all the boxes and clutter, so I really appreciate his extra effort.

Today I’ll focus on baby LED’s couch. Since the carpets were treated we had to get everything off the floors, so it’s piled pretty high with random stuff.


I have a fitness-tracker wristband/watch that vibrates when I’m being inactive.
Today when I was walking home, it started vibrating, and I got a little annoyed, thinking it would be defected and tell me I was being inactive.
So I pressed the button to see the message, and what I saw was pixellated fireworks and the word "GOAL!"
Apparently I’ve reached my daily activity goal! It’s the first time since my dad got me the watch for christmas! :smiley:



It’s oddly quiet today.


Are you still feeling wobbly and stumbling around, or are you feeling better now?


Still stumbling, but not as bad. It’s naptime now so I think I’ll try to sleep for a few minutes if I can. Maybe that will help.


finished my ski season today. am totally not doing that again next winter, it was a good time with my mom, but I’m over it already and i’d rather save my money.

anyways we got warmer weather on the way this week, so maybe spring will come early again, despite the groundhogs prediction. right now I’m looking at april fools day as my day to set out seeds, going to be growing salad greens, onions, culinary herbs, and maybe some herbs to smoke and definitely some herbs for tea. got a lot of work to do


OMG. I just discovered that I sent sa message to my mother-in-law instead of my friend and it was a super embarrassing weird message. Like, not something I would ever tell anyone except this one veryr close friends that we always share TMI stuff with each other. OMG I’m dying. My MIL must think I’m off my rocker. :fearful::joy:


Just got my sodium Benzoate. I have to wait till the scale arrives.