Say Anything - Part 31


I’m bingeing this is horrible :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Well…I officially b/p’d :cry:
I guess tomorrow will be better…?


I’m so sorry :cry:

Is there are a crisis line you can call?


What does that mean?


I never use crisis centers; I’ll just try to do better tomorrow :frowning:
Have to take it day by day.


B/p stands for binge/purge.
I basically over eat, then puke >_>


That’s not good. I had an ex girlfriend in high school that got hospitalized for that. She was a very tiny girl and had no reason to be doing it. It can be very serious.

You really need to get some help.


I agree with @TomCat.

Please seek out help for this.

:pray: :v:


I hope you can get away from that sort of thing, very unhealthy


Hopefully taxes are complicated enough that robots can’t figure them out. Yeah you could try again. There was someone in my class who was 40 years old when he got his bachelors in accounting last year and landed a job at a cpa firm. Unfortunately he ended up at the career fair a couple of months later and wasn’t working there anymore though. I don’t know the details but I don’t think it was because of his age


Judge revoked my dl I haven’t drove in five years. Fax ,wait,go on


Hopefully you can get it back.


I’m sorry. It was only a matter of time, though. That’s a lot for one person to take on. And you weren’t thrilled to be in that position to start with, so that only makes it worse.

She needs to be in a rehab facility. As soon as you can get her on Medicaid and on a waiting list for a facility the better.

I’m sorry. I hope your husband has an idea of how to get you some time away, at the very least.


got my last smoke for the night in right before my folks got back…news. they say the boys won their games. both scored tonight. I used to encourage them to play basketball but not anymore, I don’t really care what they do. the oldest boy is trying to get a job at the ski slopes, good for him, im proud of him. I didn’t know you could work at 14 but I guess the ski slopes hires them that young, they’re only allowed to work 18 hours a week.

pays 8 or 9 bucks an hour…lol. republican jobs.


Thanks, @LED,

You’re right.


My day has been pretty good so far. We went and ran some errands then went to a new park. I met a lady/grandma that was there with her granddaughter. The granddaughter was 7, my kid is 2, but she was obsessed. The granddaughter begged for my phone number when they were leaving so she could hang out with baby LED again. So that was fun. Good conversation about the elections.


I binged/purged when I was on abilify. Is a side effect just not a common one.


Oh, that’s strange.
I’m not on Abilify but I’ve had an ED well before I ever took meds.


I just woke from a nice nap, having coffee. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay up all night, so I can sleep during the day tomorrow, so I won’t be dead tired at work tomorrow night. I have to get used to the midnight shift again; it’s not so bad once I get used to it.


Had burgers for dinner. They were okay. I wasn’t really hungry.