Say Anything - Part 31


I will start in the morning. Pdoc says evening might disrupt my sleep @naturallycured


decided not to get anything for my brother for Christmas…was going to ship him a wine and cheese basket but probably wont, im spending 300 on my niece and nephews and 200 on mom and dad…500 total math wiz’s. just don’t think I got the extra income to get my brother something…maybe we’ll see how it plays out, if im feeling generous.

about that, along with their gifts we’ve been giving the kids money for college, not much like 50 or 100 bucks on bday’s Christmas, their dad puts it in their college fund he started for them. anyways it’s not much, college is so expensive these days. most of that burden will fall on their mom and dad, who are doing pretty good, they will probably retire in their 50’s according to them.


It’s funny how i worry about making noise when i engrave when my neighbors don’t even care. Haha. Me such a worrisome Skunk


you do all kinds of interesting things skunk. @ThePoeticSkunk



Its happening.

I’m getting fed up with my mother in law and want things to go back to the way they were.

I realize things are hard right now because she’s just out of this hip replacement and needs lots of help,

But once she’s healed, she’ll still be here.

She told me my dogs stink, which they may or may not,

So what?

They’re effing dogs.

She treats me like a maid, wanting all sorts of odd things.

I can’t live like this, its more than I bargained for.


I don’t think it was me most of my dreams are awful :joy:


I did something stupid losing .my bus pass. It’s been reinvoked my driver’s license I mean.

Is there hope for this ■■■■ illness?


Say no to the stupid things. Tell her you will help but you aren’t a maid. I put up with my mom and MIL treating me like that and then lost it.

It’s better to nip it in the bud before it gets so out of hand. I wish you a lot of luck in this.


Oh, my mistake. I thought it was you because you sometimes talk about your dreams on here.


Ya man, I’m struggling with programming. This CS50 class is hard! With this illness, meds, and not being in school or working, I have to relearn a lot of math and basic thinking skills. Sometimes, we become grandiose.

I have no idea how to get a job. My executive functioning and planning/organizational skills are damaged.

I’m probably never going to get a job. Maybe just freelance as a programmer or something – hopefully. I really don’t see myself working. I’d be happy making an extra $500 / month while keeping my benefits. I’m too poor to buy anyone gifts for the holidays or buy anything except food. Hopefully, I won’t be too poor/ homeless in the future – if I live that long.

Before I got sick, I wanted to be an investment banker, but those people usually come from the upper echelons of society. I am a nobody.

After I got sick, I wanted to be an actuary, but I couldn’t do the math fast enough.

I realized, I never was good at school. Maybe I’m just a burn out. It’s been 7 years.

I think I’ve always had a normal IQ and overstated myself because I did well at community college.

I dropped out of university because I was a burn out and because I had substance induced psychosis.

I have no friends.

I have no motivation.

I always wanted to be rich and retire early – look where it got me. There are no short cuts in life.

I could have easily picked an easy major suitable for my IQ and picked a job/career for my IQ but I wanted something I enjoyed and that paid well like finance or math. Maybe non of this would have ever happened.


tmi warning…im quick shooting again. what a ripoff it’s the meds, sex is not even enjoyable anymore. it’s like im 14 again not in a good way. maybe it’s the weight too? I don’t know. I was able to go like 20 minutes a couple years ago, which is as long as I’d want to go…sexual health is almost more important to me than mental health at this point in my life. I think im going to shut it down for awhile.


Yes understandable mistake :grin:


If you’re going into business you should consider accounting as your concentration. That’s what I did and I already have a job lined up for August and it has pretty good compensation with healthcare paid for by the firm. It wasn’t my dream job when I was young I wanted to be a pianist but at this point I’m just ecstatic about the idea of being able to eventually pay my own bills. I could have played piano as a hobby on the side too but my back hurts too much for that anymore. Idk I’m going to go to physical therapy offered by the university and I’m hoping it will heal my back or lesson the pain


sorry to hear about your back…hopefully rehab will help some.

yeah I have to take financial and managerial accounting for the program. I was thinking I would take those classes last so I could really focus on them and they’ll be fresh in my memory when I go to get a job. do you think that will be enough accounting or should I just get an accounting degree? this program is all online which is why I like it. to get an accounting degree specifically i’d have to actually go to campus.


I’m sorry :confused:

What does your husband say?


I haven’t really gotten to talk to him about it yet,

These things just started really getting to me today.

I’ll talk to him when he gets home and see what he says.


In order to get an accounting degree you need to take financial and managerial accounting like all business majors but to get hired as an accountant you’d at least need to take the full year of intermediate financial accounting which I admit is really hard and a lot of people drop out. And by the time you get through that you might as well take the two accounting electives and finish. If you can’t get the degree without changing universities then don’t worry about it. Best of luck boogaloo! I don’t really know much about the other business concentrations unfortunately


Let’s not forget you are not 100% healthy either to take care of another person. You have schizophrenia to deal with!


I took financial and managerial accounting at community college. I thought they were challenging but doable. I took them online. Full year of intermediate financial accounting sounds challenging like you said. I should have done a business degree. Maybe it’s not too late. My biggest fear is automation/robots taking over but that probably won’t happen immediately. If it does happen, accounting won’t be the only field.

I’d probably have to start from the beginning again because it was like 10 years ago. I don’t remember anything. Luckily, I have the math down.

Doing taxes seems complicated.


I have to greatly minimize the time I spend on this site and other forums. I keep running here when I feel overwhelmed by decisions. Should just sit down and go through the emotions rather than distracting them away.