Say Anything - Part 31


31 is the number of regular polygons with an odd number of sides that are known to be constructible with compass and straightedge.

31 is the third Mersenne prime (25 − 1)[1] and the eighth Mersenne prime exponent, as well as the fourth primorial prime, and together with twenty-nine, another primorial prime, it comprises a twin prime. As a Mersenne prime, 31 is related to the perfect number 496, since 496 = 2(5 − 1)(25 − 1). 31 is also the 4th lucky prime[2] and the 11th supersingular prime.[3]

31 is a centered triangular number,[4] the lowest prime centered pentagonal number[5] and a centered decagonal number.[6]

For the Steiner tree problem, 31 is the number of possible Steiner topologies for Steiner trees with 4 terminals.

At 31, the Mertens function sets a new low of −4, a value which is not subceded until 110.

31 is a centered pentagonal number

No integer added up to its base 10 digits results in 31, making 31 a self number.[7]

31 is a repdigit in base 5 (111), and base 2 (11111).

The numbers 31, 331, 3331, 33331, 333331, 3333331, and 33333331 are all prime. For a time it was thought that every number of the form 3w1 would be prime. However, the next nine numbers of the sequence are composite


Low content rush post for first!


Nerd alert! :man_student:


Oh!! @naturallycured beat me to the first post!


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that was weird.

I don’t know what to say! :smile:

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Life is weirder!

I hate cigarette cravings. I am experiencing them quite a bit thinking about the unfavorable position I have in life at the moment

the position i have in life atm is lying down, i’ll probably get up soon and ruin it all :joy::joy:

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I wish I could have a break from fighting.

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I finished reading a play last night! Talk Radio.

It was really good. Kinda sad at times. Kinda funny too.

It’s based on a real life, talk radio DJ.


For some reason I like Seinfeld.


I’m hungry today but nothing sounds good. Well, that’s a lie, I could really go for a salted grapefruit. But, alas, I don’t have that. So I’m just sitting here with a cup of tea being dissatisfied.

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I wanted the first post !! :sob:


I like Seinfeld, too. One of the funniest shows ever, in my opinion.


You can put salt on a grapefruit? Hmmm… I wonder how that would taste.

I am cooking some fridays potato skins with cheese and bacon. Got sour cream for them too.

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I tried to paint my nails but it came out awful and I stained the inside of my sweatshirt. I’m gonna remove the nail polish when cell phone group is over.

Cell phone group is early today because I think it’s AA who’s coming in. I’m considering going.

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This is really the first post, the others above were posted in error and should be deleted :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you put on your grapefruit? I thought salting it was normal.

Usually sugar, but I just searched in on the web and it says salt can counter the fruit’s bitterness? I never thought of that. That’s what I use the sugar for.

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