😺 Say Anything -- Part 29


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Don’t have much to add. Not feeling well :cry:


I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Can you take it easy today and try and get some rest?


I like this video it’s so nice :+1:


Thanks. I’ll try.


I’m watching out for the mail like a hawk.

I’m getting the new Paul Simon biography today.


Why do you close topics after 1,000 posts? I am curious.


The Discourse forum software performance degrades with longer topic threads so we typically close threads around 1000 posts.

Discourse has made improvements recently to help more quickly load long topic threads.

However, it is still somewhat cumbersome for users to scroll through long threads so it seems reasonable to continue to close threads when they get to be around 1000 posts long.


Mr LED wants me to make oatmeal raisin cookies, but I’m being lazy. I feel like I just have no energy at all. It’s hard to even sit here. I’m not sleepy but I just want to lay in bed and close my eyes. Everything seems hard today.


I also would like to be here on Say anything 30K :blush:


You could always give him a bowl of oatmeal with raisins :smile:


Apparently the Discourse software automatically closes threads at 10K posts.


No, not like this, i mean i want to be on thread SAy anything number 30.000 and the limit for threads to be normal 1000 replies, i hope you understand now :slight_smile:


Ah, got it! I will briefly change the title of this thread so that you get your wish. :smile:


Oh No, please change it back, you created a bug in Matrix, just kidding edit: i was just kidding with 30k lol


Here’s a screenshot to document the granting of your wish. :smile:


I’m chewing on ice


Just picked the dogs up from getting a bath and of course it’s raining so they can’t go out.


had a conversation with my mom. she said for Christmas she wants me to take a class at the local community college. she wants me to study business. I told her I wanted to study horticulture and she said “get a business degree then learn horticulture on your own”… I don’t know, im not all about business. its hard to say no. I think I might take a business class or two to satisfy her wishes.

I’ve already taken micro-economics, macro-economics, financial accounting, managerial accounting and business law. was about 8-10 years ago, I totally forgot everything I learned in those classes.


I made snickerdoodles on Friday. oatmeal raisin are tasty too. I got a kitchenaid blender as a wedding gift. Trying to find excuses to use it. Have also made a pumpkin cheesecake and low-fat cheesecake. What next?