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Am I first?



I was!



Tag your it :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t stop coughing.


What’s up all you lovely people!

I think I’m going to get a C in my class!

Only one more thing needs to be graded.

Ohhhhh I really hope I get a C, because then it will make it easier to transfer the class to a 4 year university.



My sister in law gave me her Hulu login, so I’ve been watching Workaholics. I stopped watching after season 2, so I have a lot to catch up on. I’ll probably get sick of it before it’s over, though.


Hey Monte, I’m glad you seem to be in good spirits. Fingers crossed you get a C.

I’m up after two hours of sleep, but hopefully I can get back to sleep soon.


I ate pizza and told my heart to go and work and I was upset so said dunb things but got it…


I’m so looking forward to getting a haircut tomorrow. My hair is terribly overgrown; it’s driving me crazy. I’m thinking I’ll tell my barber just to buzz it all off, but I’ve been saying that for a while, always chicken out.


My relatives who are visiting from China are leaving tomorrow! I’m kind of glad because I’m dealing with some positive symptoms and I gained weight. Not how I’d like to be seen, though I usually don’t enjoy isolating or being alone. Today I cleaned up after yesterday’s bbq and went out for a bus ride and came home and went out for a walk. I can’t see the upside to having positive symptoms and being tired all the time, though. Can’t seem to get better.


Say anything
Penguin edition


So, tonight it seems I can sleep in only two-hour increments, with an hour of being awake between periods of sleep. Oh well, at least it’s quiet and peaceful tonight, so I’m sort of enjoying it. :slight_smile:


I’m horny as ■■■■ and I’m not loving it. Oh well just need to deal with it.
It’s actually horrible.
In a way


I’ve got to take antibiotics every 6 hours and of course I’ve been stressing so hard about it that I’ve hardly slept at all.

I went outside and banged my head a bit with a small rock.

Used to joke about using a mallet but now…

I keep.telling myself it’s fine but still…

I’ve about hit the end of my wits it feels like.


@LED I’m feeling better today :slight_smile:
How did your appointment go?


Well, hopefully I’m up for the day, having coffee and cigarettes, listening to Rammstein.


I finally asked for my computer back from my friend.
He was NOT happy about it, in fact he seemed kind of offended. But he did tell me I could ask for it back at any time as long as I managed to transport it home myself. I offered him to borrow my laptop so he could still play games, but he wasn’t interested.
I feel kinda bad about it, he loved that computer and he loved being able to play games. But so do I. And I’m tired of using my potato laptop that can barely run Minecraft and Discord at the same time.


Now I feel bad. I can’t help but wonder if I did the right thing asking for that computer. Sure, it’s mine, but I do have my laptop and my friend has so little. I feel like I should be sharing what I have instead of listening to a selfish need for playing video games and watching Netflix without lag. :confused:


Don’t feel bad; it’s your computer, and you have use for it, too.