Say Anything Diez 🎼

Number Ten here you go!


Awww ■■■■, did I get first post?


Hey everyone :slight_smile: :confused:


hey @Crystal-Cotton =)


I’m going mini golfing with a friend today


I got some guy coming today to buy my bicycle.

I’m gonna have $250 big ones.

I’ve had the bicycle for over 15 years. I hope he’s going to take care of it also.


Finally got the dishes done. Hooray!

Now I need to wipe down the counters, sweep, and mop. Maybe I won’t mop. Depends what it looks like after I sweep.

Made mac and cheese and a salad for little LED for lunch. I’m having a cup of coffee then I’ll finish the kitchen.


up for another day. no plans for today other than watch baseball. not going to workout on a sunday.

watched 2 documentaries last night, one about vikings in north america, and the other about the shannon river in ireland. i most liked the vikings one.


We’re having stroganoff for dinner. Yummy


sounds good, enjoy your din dins @Loke =)


Dad and I got three sections of dock in the water though we haven’t bolted them together yet. We worked until we got sick of it and tomorrow we need to winch down this long section we stored for the winter on a very steep hill.

Lol! I don’t know what dad would do if I wasn’t there as he tried arguing with me that a certain section went there when I said it went here. He finally wised up. :joy:

Back home now. Bought some salty azz chicken from Kwik Trip after I filled my gas tank. Yuck! My salt tolerance isn’t what it used to be.

So for the rest of the day I’ll practice banjo and after I get a nap in maybe I will make some more sushi. :yum:



I found a lifehack for soda / energy drinks.

These drinks are like an acid bomb for your brain and can cause headaches / SZ flareups, but if you do the following it reduces the impact. Just stir 1/2 tsp of sugar into the drink (put it in a large cup first,) and the brunt of the carbonation gets released. It still tastes carbonated and tasty, but a lot of the acidity is gone.

I drank 2 energy drinks like this and my mind feels pretty decent considering. Normally I’d be mentally fatigued.

2 Likes shows stats for a cryptocurrency (Filecoin) that lets people store files on the filecoin network.

The cost breakdown is 1/10th of a cent per GB per year. Ridiculously cheap. 4 cents per 10,000 reads too, in 2019 (think it’s like 0.7 cents now.)

Imagine a video platform running on that kind of network.

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got to fix my washer today, hope I can


baseball is a funny game, where i grew up you never saw kids on the ballfields playing pickup games. good luck getting 18 kids together to play a game, but the basketball courts were always full in the summer. you can work on your game playing basketball without having anyone to play with.


we did have 2 ballfields in my neighborhood, but they were mostly used by adults playing beer league softball haha.


hummm can’t seem to load giphy anymore they say to large of file :sob: :scream:

An escalation of my voices

Heard loud buzzing sound like an engine or mechanical device being on, and suddenly turns off and that’s when I notice the silence after it’s off. also car doors slamming four times I heard it. Also seen a black object like a crow that seemed to disappear

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They won’t let me live a life where I think the voices are not real or it’s not real. That’s what I want to think that it’s not real but they keep messing with me and giving me hints that it is real. They just proved it earlier and today by making me hear some kind of buzzing sound. They know I will be forced to fck them out of it for doing so and in turn I will escalate it without me having proof that they and anthony started this whole thing

The second time I could’ve mistook it for the radiator being on but the first time was out in the open in the morning in the garden with no mechanical devices around me