Saw the neurologist

Saw the neurologist today. She said I do not have epilepsy. That was nice to hear. Maybe I can drive a car again. But she said my hallucinations are psychotic. That is not good. Maybe it’d been better off with EP…instead of psychosis.

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I’m glad you don’t have epilepsy. I’m sorry your hallucinations are amping up. But you’ve been fighting this for a while, like we all have. You’ll beat this again and find that calm again.

I’m rooting for you.

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I saw a neurologist last week and I have the neuropathy in my feet and to prevent any further diabetes related damage I was recommended that I exercise more and eat well. It is a funny thing about this neuropathy that I do not even feel whether water is cold or warm as I discovered when I visited a feet treatment place few weeks ago.

Hang in there, comatose. It’s good to narrow down what is wrong, and psychosis isnt game over. Be diligent with medication and insight, learn about yourself, work with a psychiatrist, believe in getting better, and it just might happen!

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My grandmother has that too. Neuropathy. Her legs ache from time to time.

i am glad you don’t have epilepsy, that’s a good thing.
take care