Bad news - my legs

I had a neurological examination of my muscles and legs today, and it was discovered that there is some muscle deterioration in my legs caused by diabetes, which is why I walk strangely and all exercising is quite painful. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the chief neurologist and I shall learn more. I would not like to lose my ability to walk and run in the future and sitting in the wheelchair would be terrible.

I wish the best for you and hope you and your doc can find a way to stop the deterioration. I’ll be sending the best thoughts for you.

Best of luck, mjseu. I have to visit the doc for a couple things tomorrow, I might have a urinary tract infection. That or getting soap in my urethra is the culprit. That was probably way too much information. I have a rash where the power lifting belt goes, all around my midriff.

Anyways, trust the doctors, they are smart people and are very helpful. I just dont worry bout things and let them be the doctors’ problems.

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i wish you all the best.

i was wondering couldn’t you do a small exercise laying in bed, it might be less painful?
As an kid i had an mysterious condition, which made me drop on the floor
screaming in pain, like my leg was physically sawn off.
the doctor said it was angina in the hips. yet i can remember the pain and the fear of being
in a wheelchair very vividly.

So all my best-wishes for you

Oh man, that is awful to hear ! I do hope the neurologist helps you find a solution to the deterioration.

i hope it all goes well for you.
take care

So I saw the neurologist and I must continue my good diet and do more exercising to prevent any further damage in my legs. I’ll also see a doc specializing in internal organs in the future to find out if diabetes has caused any damage in these organs. I have seen many docs and one surgeon to treat my diabetes since Sept 2013. When I had a wound in my toe, I visited the health center every day for the period of four months, because these wounds do not heal well in a diabetic person. Well, this is my life and I have to keep myself in high spirits.

wish u the best hang in there