Saw my pdoc today - what's happening with me

So I saw my pdoc and it was ok, rather relieved but feel silly and worried that I was too attention seeking. But she took my symptoms light and as I didn’t get worse she thinks it’s ok which I guess it is. I was just worried about my distressing intrusive inserted thoughts about hurting my husband and taking it out on myself with knife. She said everyone gets intrusive thoughts so I wonder then am I normal then? Why would mine be classed sza?

I learnt about meds, I’ve tried so many available at our hospitals (we don’t have invega or geodon, abilify or latuda here though) and they all do help psychosis, it’s just a matter of side effect tolerance. Clozapine and quetiapine were the worst for me, but the ones I’m on now (amisulpride and haloperidol) are tolerable.

I asked about my prolactin levels and she said the haloperidol has pushed it up (it’s now 161) along with amisulpride I was originally on.

I wondered to myself how my previous pdoc worried so much about my prolactin and my present pdoc doesn’t and it was such a waste to switch my meds.

But I’ve learnt also that I need two antipsychotics because if I took one only then the side effects would be worse as I’d take higher dose. So taking two with different side effects is better. Fortunately my mood stabilizer and antidepressant don’t have any side effects I can tell.

One good thing is if it weren’t for my previous pdoc I’d be on amisulpride alone as antipsychotic and it causes insomnia so being on haloperidol as well has a relaxing effect on me at night. Only side effects noticed is stiff muscles in neck sides and slight akathisia. But it’s bearable.

I’ve asked her to split the dose so I take one pill in morning and two at night so that’s the only change in my meds now. She also suggested I see psychologist as well. I wasn’t too enthusiastic but I think it might help in coping with Alien.

My next appointment is only in two months time. I feel a little apprehensive it’s so long but she’s on leave next month. Hope things go ok!


I don’t have any great advice. But I do hope you make it the 2 months until your next appointment. You could request a prolactin test when you go again. Your primary dr can test for that too. Good luck!

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