Pdoc visit - New med dosage

Today my pdoc adjusted my dosage to 200mg amisulpride in the morning and 10mg olanzapine at night. In two weeks I stop the amisulpride totally and just stay on 10mg olanzapine. Still hear voices every now and then and get my depressed days, other than that I am doing ok. I’m back in denial about my sz though, it feels like the pdoc is conspiring against me, that I am not really ill. I think it is called anosognosia or something like that, I heard its common with sz sufferers (?) I just can’t seem to believe I am ill, unless I am actually in an episode.

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I hope you feel bettter soon @Hadeda

Yeah, you hang in there @Hadeda - things will get better soon

I always envy people who say that. It must mean the meds are working really really well.