Saw my nurse today

Got my Abilify injection. I might not be able to get it in three weeks, though, which could be a problem. I might be starting my new job on the 10th, and they will be training me on days for the first two weeks, so getting my injection that week would be impossible. I wish I knew for sure when my start date will be. We went ahead and scheduled my injection for that week, anyway, in the event that I haven’t started my new job yet. But yeah, I might be going five weeks between injections, which could make things interesting. I guess it’s a good thing I have the Haldol in addition to the shots.

I see my dr next week, maybe she and I can figure out a game plan for my transition to a new clinic in the state I’ll be moving to, though it will be probably at least a month before I move. Either way, next week’s visit will most likely be my last with my current dr. I just hope whatever dr I get where I’m moving to doesn’t feel a need to mess with my meds. I’m worried that he or she will want to decrease my Wellbutrin, as I realize 450 mg/day is an awful lot. We’ll see, I might be nervous about that for nothing.


You’re moving? That’s great!

Are you still in the midst of quitting smoking? How’s that going?

What’s the new job?

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@freakonaleash I want to tell you that you are a hero.
The way you are able to function and work, despite having schizoaffective disorder(indeed schizoaffective is not schizophrenia but still) is awesome!
Schizoaffective is a serious disorder!
You are an inspiration to all of us :blush:.


@freakonaleash. Good luck with the new job. That’s pretty exciting.

Can you maybe just let your new job know you have a medical appointment that’s already been scheduled? It seems kinda risky to not get your injection on time, especially with the excitement (and stress) of starting a new job.

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@anon84763962, I abandoned my quit smoking attempt weeks ago, but I need to get back on the gum. I’m excited about moving, as stressful as it can be, it is going to get me out of the ghetto, hopefully for good. The new job is inpatient pharmacy tech, at a world-class hospital no less :slight_smile: Much better pay than I make now, not to mention fantastic benefits.


@Erez_Shmerling thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:.

@Moonbeam I’m just not sure about missing a day of work during my first week at a new job. I have Haldol tablets, so hopefully I will be okay being just a week and a half late on my injection. As it is it’s meant to be given every four weeks, anyway, so my levels are probably pretty well built up with getting it every three weeks for the past few months. I just hope it will be okay.

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I’m really happy for you! Well done on all counts!