Just got home from seeing my nurse

She gave me my Abilify shot, and we talked a few things over. For one, she might be able to get me my Wellbutrin for free from their central pharmacy, save me $60/month, would be nice. I’m not concerned about the Lamictal, since it’s only $11. I don’t know why my dr or previous nurse never suggested it. She said she will call me later regarding other meds, once she talks to my dr. She thinks my dr is likely to increase the frequency of my shot to every three weeks, but there is a possibility of adding a second AP. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.


How’s the quitting smoking going?

I’m still smoke-free :slight_smile:, Day 3. I’m just finishing a piece of nic gum right now.


Well done, I really admire you for quitting. I don’t have confidence that I would be able to do it.

I heard that if you make it past day three you’re pretty much successful in quitting. So congratulations! (sorry to be off topic)

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It’s fine that you went off topic. I figure I’ll give myself a month or so of being smoke-free before I start tapering my gum usage. I want to break myself of the habit of having that cigarette/cigar before I try ridding myself of the nicotine, one thing at a time with this.

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I have a quit going. I chew a lot of straws.



Just got off the phone with the nurse and, yeah, my dr is increasing the frequency of the shot to every three weeks rather than add a second AP at this time, as I figured she would. She tends to be very cautious with meds.

Things aren’t going so well for you at the moment are they? I hope the med increase helps somewhat.

I hope so, too. Things aren’t great right now, certainly have been better, but also certainly have been much worse.

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Try to cling on to the positive where you can. Like you say, things have been worse. Just remember that and keep a positive focused outlook on recovery. I wish you the best. Keep in touch.

How’s your anxiety about the situation? Do you have any techniques for dealing with anxiety? Or do you just take meds for it? I’d be happy to share my technique with you if you like.

My anxiety level is actually pretty good right now; it varies with my depression level, which is doing ok at the moment. As far as techniques, just deep breaths. My dr won’t prescribe me a benzo for it.

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That’s really good!