Ten days late at this point on my Abilify shot

I was able to reschedule for this Tuesday, though, so I just have to make it another two days. I’m not having any major psychotic symptoms, though. If anything I just feel more separated from the world around me, something I always feel to an extent, but it becomes more prominent off an AP. I’m still taking my Haldol, though.

I also need to discuss something with my nurse, the form from work that I dropped off Friday. It’s for accommodations at work, and is due back no later than this coming Friday. I hope like hell my dr gets it filled out and faxed in time. Odds are my nurse will fill it out and have my dr sign it. The contents of the form will not be disclosed to my supervisors, so they may never know my diagnosis. Getting this form in is really the last chance at saving my job. I just hope the people in this department of HR will see my diagnosis and grant me what I want - a transfer to something lower stress and less fast-paced. I can hope.

I hope everyone is doing well today.


I will be hoping for you. maybe a follow-up call a couple of days after you give the form to the clinic to make sure it is not forgotten?

write “urgent due by (insert date here)” at the top of the form with yellow high lighter?

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You’re good for 30 days Imo before it becomes a problem. 10 days, still plenty in your bloodstream

Why is it ten days late? How long does it take for those shots to start working? The reason I ask is because if they take two or three days to take effect than you need to count those two days into the ten days you have missed so far. So you might actually be without medication for 12 days or more.You know what I mean?

My nurse was sick and had to cancel on me, the day it was due. I’ll get it tomorrow, though. I don’t think it takes time to start taking effect.

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It seems kind of weird that they left you in the lurch like that. I mean if your nurse gets sick then the hospital or clinic or whatever should have a back-up plan for having someone else there give you the shot. But I guess they know that with your type of meds that you its OK if you get it late.