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Dunno if it really helped. Pdoc asked for the bajillionth time if I wanted to up my depakote dose to see if it helped with my mood but I don’t really. I’m going to try rexulti but honestly have minimal hope that it will help because the serotonin blockade is nowhere close to Risperidone’s. He said I did a good job with my sleuthing and narrowed it down to rexulti or invega or some old AP I don’t remember the name of. I believe we’re starting w newest gen first because of the lesser side effects. If I go on invega I have to go on a med to prevent prolactin increase bc of my response to Risperidone.


The hardest thing is that high serotonin blockade is like the main cause of weight gain, so basically the better an AP works for me, the fatter it’s gonna make me. I have to choose between having demons torment me the rest of my life or eventually becoming obese. Wonderful.

No I don’t have the self discipline to constantly maintain a perfect diet and exercise regimen. I’m not in that 1% of amazing people. So that is absolutely what is going to happen to me if I go on a med increasing tendency to gain weight.

Good job ! I hope rexulti works out. I might try it myself when it becomes available here.

Well I’ll let you know how it goes.

The newest APs out are certainly a vast improvement over even the just plain new APs like Abilify/Latuda side effect wise but in my opinion they are still of unacceptable quality.

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