About to start Rexulti


This is my first post, hello. My psych is starting me on Rexulti after being on ability for a year. She said they’re similar but there’s less chance of weight gain with Rexulti, which was the issue I had with ability. I just kept gaining weight.

I guess I’m just wondering if anyone has an experience with Rexulti? Concerning weight gain or otherwise. Also, I recently started topamax for migraine prevention, so I’m hoping that will help with any possible weight gain on Rexulti


I haven’t tried Rexulti, so I have no advice there. But welcome!


I have been on reluxti for about 1 year. I take 4 mg. It works for me as it helps me with my voices and thoughts to harm myself. As for weight gain, I don’t know because I am also on invega.


Worked fine for symptoms but gave me awful unrelenting nausea for the three or so weeks I was on it


Welcome to the forums. Keep us posted on how the Rexulti works


Yes, keep us posted. I’d like to try rexulti when it becomes available in Europe.


I’ve had pretty bad nausea for the past couple days, I’m hoping it will go away in a couple weeks.


I’ve been on Rexulti for 6-8 months, I think.
I have been able to lose much of the weight I gained on Zyprexa and Clozapine at different times. I actually still take 10 mg of Zyprexa at night with trazadone as I have terrible insomnia with less than that.

It’s the best AP I’ve taken. I’m treatment resistant and it’s one of two AP’s that have any effect on my hallucinations.


thank you, thats very encouraging! I know that medication affects everyone differently, but it’s still very reassuring to hear. glad its working well for you!


You’re welcome! I hope rexulti works out for you, or failing that, you find something that does.


Are you on the Invega Sustenna monthly injection?


Hi, I just wanted to say that I have been on Rexulti and I have gained 15 lbs on it just in 1 month and I started to crave so much sweets and rare things were happening to me. I tried to be on diets and am
So glad I stopped been depressed and started having energy but gaining weight was making me sad. But my migraines started to come back so I was prescribed topamax, but I’m so scared to take it. I don’t know I just read that is not good to take it while on Rexulti and that supposed the doctors know what they are doing. Lol it’s just overthinking probably


Sorry you are having a rough time with the weight gain, and migraines Cinthya. Meds can affect different people differently.


Thanks so much for replying back!!! Omg I thought that no one was going to reply back.
I have MDD and ADHD and well I take Paxil and Rexulti and Adderall and now topamax I don’t really want to take Rexulti or my topamax! I really want to deal with the headache bc I’m like what if I’m not supposed to mix this pill with the other! Lol. It I know that the doctor know what they are doing I’m just so scared to be taking so many meds. I had my doctors appointment yesterday and I told her about the weight gain she just said to change my diet. Ugh


Yeah I had a similar experience with Zyprexa and Clozaril. It was frustrating to be told to try a diet, I wanted to say “I tried to do that, it wasn’t possible!”

Have you tried that though? I don’t mean to be rude asking that, some people have different degrees of weight gain, and it’s not always as severe as I experienced.

I think there are some that find ways to counteract weight gain, I think sometimes with meds or supplements, I thnk, sometimes with serious diet and exercise.

I diet and exercise myself, but I don’t go all that far.


That is what I’m doing at this moment I’m taking in the morning 10 mg Rexulti, 30 mg Adderall and 40 ml Paxil, I help my kids father coach soccer and also do my chores as a mother of three kids at home well I try but it get very overwhelming. So
Many things has happened but we’ll i try to get busy sometimes I never finish doing things at home oh well that is my adhd life :joy: lol but yes I am trying bet by eating healthy and not overeating. Honestly Rexulti has helped me a lot with MDD I can live better I can feel the difference. I will let you all know once I have gone down the 15 lbs or more hehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is anyone taking only/just Rexulti I have been reading some reviews on other sites that some other People just take Rexulti and they feel So much better with it but who knows… I need to ask my Doctor but I will see her in 4
Months smh :woman_facepalming:t2:


Well it sounds like you are doing well. If your avvie is you, you don’t look like someone who has gained any weight, if you don’t mind me saying.

Its good to get out and do stuff. I need to be better at that myself.


I take Rexulti, Lithium and Seroquel. I have
Sza with Bipolar. So the Lithium is to prevent depression/hypomania.

I take Seroquel for sleep.

Everyone is different. I’m not an expert on Rexulti on or ADHD.

My experience has been that Rexulti hasn’t in itself contributed to weight gain

It could be different for you.

I know what its like to hate the weight gain.
But please listen to your doctor. When I skipped/reduced Zyprexa 2 years ago, it contributed to a manic episode.