Saw a funny Justin Bieber article

I forget what it was titled but the author was making the point that everybody likes to put down and hate on Justin Bieber and laugh or get mad at his punk actions and say he’s a wannabe thug. . But the author says, the thing is, that Justin Bieber could probably kick your ass! He’s half serious and half joking. But if you look at him, I mean the guy is in great shape. He can afford the best trainers in the world and he’s pretty active; he has to be. It takes a lot to travel the world and put on performances in front of thousands of people. I never really thought about it before but that author makes a good point, lol.


Yeah he’s considerably younger than me and in better shape, so I’d imagine that he’d be able to kick my ass if he wanted to.
Still have never heard him sing.

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No I’d make sure to kick his ass.

the thing is, i was drinking my ass off when justin bieber was coming up, not watching television and not listening to mainstream music, i was fortunate to have missed his career haha. maybe he’s still singing now? as for ass whoopings, well im gonna have to work on my cardio but if i get up to a muscular 195 pounds, i like my chances at some ground and pound. just tackle him and throw punches haha. i hope he doesn’t know brazilian jiu jitsu haha.

Must’ve been an old article. No one thinks he’s a wannabe bad boy or anything now.

He makes really good music.

Check out Peaches, Where are you now, I’ll show you

He sings brilliantly live as well

He’s married as well btw

I think he’s matured and done well in the public eye

It is interesting, that you brought up Justin Bieber. I just saw an interview with him. It was an interesting interview. He said he changed his ways. He seemed to have problems. I could relate to him. He seemed troubled during the interview. He never made eye contact with the person who was interviewing him. He seemed to be a little sedated. He might be on an antianxiety med. He said he used to be in a dark place. He also said he would probably be dead if he didn’t change his ways. The interview lasted 43 minutes long.

I read somewhere that Justin is a second dan karate dude. His father was a Martial Arts expert.

I was one of the haters, until i actually got recommended a couple of tracks off Spotify. He aint bad!

Funny. I am sure I read that he does train in bjj.


Hmm. . .

As Davy Jones (From ‘The Monkees’), Would Say,

'I’m A Daydream Belieber’ (!!!).


His Amazing Wide Eye’d Starry Glance Of Chiseled Features May Take All Of My Ladies.

Thus Is A Bad Time For All. . .


There are female pop stars who travel the world and perform in front of thousands of people I’m pretty sure they couldn’t kick your ass but lol if you say so.

Beebs is cool. I’m don’t listen to it but I understand more pop culture at 39 yo than at 19 yo

He’s been making & selling music for a very long time. That takes talent. Most people don’t want to pay to hear music. Beebs had that one figured out

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