I wish I didn't know who Justin Bieber was

I wish I didn’t know who Justin Bieber was.

I wish I didn’t know what twerking was.

Sometimes I wish I just didn’t know.


I wish politics attracted good people for the right reasons. If your bad at law or business it seems like you become a politician. I wish that people who were good at business were economists. That is my beef.


Well, this sure won’t help:

Oh poor guy. Was he lip synching?

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Justin Bieber is a dim star in my universe - pale and far away.

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I personally don’t like bubble gum music. I perceive that’s what he sings but I haven’t listened to his music. He might be talented. I’ll have to look him up on YouTube.

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He and Hailey Bieber (wife) is a nice couple though :slightly_smiling_face:

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He was really popular when I was younger.

I don’t listen to his music but when I first saw him I thought he was the nicest kid. His haircut infuriated me because it seemed so lame though.

And then he turned into an as*hole with several juvenile stunts and he got a bad attitude. I think he did all the stupid things like urinate in a mop bucket and egg his neighbors house because he wanted to be a tough, gangster type. And that’s the root of his problem and why so many people hate him.
He should have stayed nice, he still has that side of him, but i think he derailed his own likability trying to be something he’s not. Now it’s too late. I don’t listen to his music anyways or follow anything he’s doing, but his name comes up a lot online and I sometimes read it.

My new favorite comedian.

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I accidently saw a pic of his penis online. Man I wish I could get that image out of my head!

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