Justin Bieber and Miami nightclubs, well done

Justin Bieber was banned from the nightclubs of Miami recently. This is good for him. He does not need to spend his time or money in these nightclubs. When I lived in my auto in Miami from 2000 to 2002 I went very regularly to nightclubs, bars and other places in Miami Beach and I never paid anything. I paid no entrance fees and no drinks, because I never drank anything else but water. It was the time when it was still allowed to dance with your cigar alone on the dance floor in a kind of trance as I did quite regularly. After the night clubing I went back to my auto at 3-4 a.m. and started sleeping only to wake up for the sunrise.

When people say, “Kids today are rotten” They mean little brats like him. I can’t stand him or his half rate, pulled out of his butt “music”

What an arrogant jerk. Why can’t he be deported already and leave innocent people alone?

Because I’m 17 people are amazed that I don’t like him. He gives the rest of us teens a bad rap.


I totally agree with you 100 percent kidsister :smiley:


I don’t think Canada wants him back lol :wink:


I have watched few interviews of him on the net in the past and in my opinion he is quite intelligent. Of course, his music is meant for some people, but I like him.

Many people do not like Soulja Boy either, but some songs are good …Miami nightclubs

Robin is a Justin Bieber in Finland, many people like him …maybe he should go to Miami.

I think that Justin Bieber should not be deported. Often in America ‘normal people’ have efforts to deport foreigners who are legally there, because these people may behave differently or wierdly. When I started writing some truths on the net in Atlanta in 1999 they started deporting me. the U.S. government was involved. When I arrived at my little town in 2002, one person had told my father that I was deported. That person had received that information from the local cops whose rat he has always been. But I was not deported, I left america after I had stayed over two years in my auto, my health was failing and my Green Card was expiring in three years. I knew it could have been difficult to get a new Green Card and actually I did not want to stay in America any longer due to many causes. So Justin should not be deported, kidsister. I am amazed how well you think although you are just 17.

i feel sorry for him tbh idk why x

I have no patience for this little drunk driving idiot. If ANY of us got drunk, started driving around in a city then we would end up in Jail wouldn’t we?

But his thing of… Oh, it was a foot injury, no a bad break-up with my girl friend, no it was my managers fault, no wait, it was my buddy who looks like me… No wait, I took a Xanax.

He has so much money, just pay the fine and take responsibility for your actions. Quit peeing on the floor of restaurants and expecting not to pay damages when people have to clean up after you.

If you beat the pieces out of your staff again… expect to be sued for assault again.

When his manager said… “well, assaulting people, destroying property, drunk driving… it’s just what 19 year old’s do”

Really? When I did that I was chased down by cops… and I did NOT assault anyone. Or drunk drive. I was just speeding.

Ok, we ALL make mistakes… but we pay for them right? Some how, we pay for those mistakes… he expects a consequence free life and a free ride because HE’S Justin Bieber.

I was so happy when my neighbors 12 year old niece show me her magazine and shook her little 12 year old head and said… "what a jerk. Just because he’s rich… "

It’s not the how… it’s not HOW he acts… it’s the fact that he expects NO consequence for his actions.

Sorry but I get a little heated when people think they are allowed to assault and abuse others for fun because of their money.

Other celebs have made these same mistakes, but the ones I admire are the ones who at least owned up, apologized, got professional help not to do this any more.

They didn’t say “It’s my right and privilege because I’m rich”


Laws in different nations vary. I know one person who drove three times under influence of alcohol. He is a poor man, but some cops protected him and said that he should not go to the jail after he was sentenced to 30 days. He stayed in the jail just 15 days after which he came and told that he had been inside the rock. So you do need to be rich to get some special treatment. He was their informant.

Who is Justin Bieber?


I have accidentally been following Justin Beibers career since he got famous from being discovered on You Tube. I used to watch “Ellen” almost every day and she was one of his first, biggest, supporters and he first got national exposure on her show. He was on often and I never tuned in just to watch him but he would happen to be on. My first impression was that his original haircut irritated me. I couldn’t fathom why girls liked it. Then I started to see him cowardly attacked on YouTube and it made me kinda be on his side. I should say here that I don’t like his music. I never listen to it. “Baby, Baby” was a passable pop song but hey, I’m not in the demographic that he tries to appeal to anyway. But anyway, after seeing him attacked it used to bother me, I thought, “I don’t care for his music or his appearance.but despite that he ALWAYS comes across as a genuinely nice kid”. And I started to like him. Then he started all this stupid crap. Now I am soured on him. He is no longer a nice kid, he is not special any more. He is just another young punk with money and a bad attitude who let money and fame go to his head.

I’ve visited Canada and I love it there. People in the streets of the city of Vancouver stopped and asked us if we were lost! The Canadians are too nice to force Justin on them. Americans made him what he is today (he had a choice of course, but we facilitated). But being a foreign national and having committed at least one crime (drunk driving) he should be deported. I’m thinking… Mexico?

Does Robin pee in mop buckets and drive drunk without getting arrested?

Oh… My Poor Mexico, my family down there say they have enough problems.

Bieber es el diablo. No lo envie aqui. Gracias

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No, no, hear me out. They don’t bother him here because he is rich and “famous”. I doubt this kid knows how to speak Spanish. Up here you might hit a gang member’s care, sure, but unless they had some better reason they would probably sue you, not shoot at you. My bet is he is probably going to hit a cartel member’s car while driving drunk (or maybe even try to boost one of their cars, he doesn’t seem very bright) OR his unwashed, dirty, sun fried mug is going to show up in a village (this depends on whether we deport him politely or just ditch him somewhere in there) and after being run out of several villages for being a douche he might learn the lesson of love when a kind homely young senorita brings him some water as he lays almost dying of thirst (after which he nearly pukes himself to death… Moctezuma’s curse and all) he will see that human love means more than looks, drugs, alcohol, or being famous, and he will live in that little Mexican town forever and never sing again because that is what caused this mess.
And we would all be able to live happily ever after, except we have Robin Thicke. But once we deport him to South Africa we should be good.

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So we would have to pick a town like Ciudad Juárez

Not some where lovely and modern like Mexico City

Si, puedo cavar eso (Yes, I can dig that)

As long as the general public (most of which have no real taste to begin with) continue to listen to him and buy his CD’s and merchandise and support him - he will always be around and annoy those with good taste in music.
I personally would never be caught listening to such a spoiled arrogant little punk who has no real long lasting talent.
He will fade into the woodwork most likely - I will be the first to rejoice

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Justin Bieber is a kind of a sex object for many young girls, this is linked to the thread of ‘satisfying sexual needs’, because Miami is full of sexual places and people are attracted to these places because of this. I know Miami so well.