Saving food money

I go to a food bank; I’ve been going a couple years. They used to have a wide selection of good food, now they give almost exclusively just staples. I had bags of rice, beans, quinoa, and pasta building up in my cupboards. I never used them for some reason but lately I realized that I like rice and I also realized all the money I could be saving. So I’ve been downloading recipes for quinoa and rice and pasta. And I make them, I’ve been saving money noticeably the last month and half by using all those dry goods I let build up in my cupboard.


doesn’t your income allow you for proper weekly food shop @77nick77

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Sounds good. I use pasta quite frequent, but I also have rice lying around which I will try to use.

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Yeah, I found a good, easy Mexican rice recipe that’s as good as most restaurants. Just rice, cumin, tomato sauce, garlic salt, chicken broth, a little onion and olive oil. I’ll be eating off it for the next four days.


Grocery prices have risen dramatically. I use the food bank to supplement my weekly groceries. I make enough money to pay the bills and occasionally treat myself to a few luxuries and entertainment. The food bank knows exactly how much money I make and I still qualify for food assistance under their rules.


There is no shame in accepting their help when you need it

My shopping bill was massively decreased by being able to drive again, and getting myself to Aldi

I was spending about £45 a week pre-Covid, and then when I switched to Aldi, it was £25

Now it’s more like £35, but much cheaper than the alternatives…

Also I like the fact for a budget price you get Aldi’s premium offering, so it’s still good quality food


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