Doing my weekly food shop from 3 diffrenet supermakets to save money. Is this excessive?

I have made myself a budget of £35 a week and I’m going to stick to that. Its only for myself. I don’t need to get cleaning products as group home get these.

I use 3 supermakets - I get my frozen stuff from Icland, like ready meals. I get all my generic food and veg and fruit from Morrisons, I get my milk and butter and coffee from Aldi. They are all pretty close in town. I think it’s dobale on £35

Also me and my persosal assesstent have planned a meal plan on my laptop and I’m going to have set meals we decide beginning off week. No Takaways or alcohol.


Sounds like a great plan.


We regularly go to two stores for groceries. Three is fine.

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It’s not bad if you get a discount by going to several locations. How do you afford the gas?

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I walk everywhere.


I go where the best sales are.

That great! Good for you! I hope it works out perfectly

I alternate between Aldi and Costco.

I would go only to Trader Joe’s but their cashiers cause me social anxiety

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I use either Walmart or Edward’s. Edward’s is closer, but Walmart has better prices. These two are easiest to get to on the bus. The bus stop where these are at have benches to sit on.

If you spend $50 in fuel to save $10 on groceries you’re doing it wrong. If you spend $10 on fuel to save $200 on groceries that’s Boss Level. Remember that your time is worth money, too. If you’re losing too much time for a small saving, that’s no-win. Unless all you have is time then go for it.

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