Saved a hound pup off a country road

I had $10 in my pocket and I was thinking I could either buy a six pack of beer and stay home or I could go see my brother who lives a ways away that I would have to use the money for gas…I thought about it long and hard and decided I would keep from drinking because that is what I’ve been planning on doing and went to see my brother Don out in the country with my girlfriend…we got almost a mile away from his house and came upon this starving, tick infested hound pup…he stands about knee high…we already have two big dogs but something told me to pick up the dog…so we did…best thing that’s ever happened to me in a long time…now I have “purpose in life” to nurture and love this new pup in my life during the day when my girlfriend is at work…we call him “lucky dog”.


I like animals but I can barely afford cat food for just one cat.

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@jukebox- That is one lucky dog. You have a lot of luck with dogs. I remember you saving one from your neighbor too.

@77nick77- I had no idea how much cats eat. I also didn’t know how pushy they get when they want dinner or breakfast. My friends cat is actually rather funny. She’ll lay by her plate and play dead when she sees the plate is empty.

If you correct her, she’ll actually limp… My sis took Raven the cat off the counter and set her on the floor and said, “No Raven, No!” and the cat actually limped for a while, until it was time to play. My sisters mean words hurt the cat’s foot.


Jukebox-your a person after my own heart! Took a stray cat in 3 months ago…not in good shape either

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Today we got a pup that some people were giving away in a Walmart parking lot… she’s a Boston terrier/ Beagle mix. I think we have settled on the name Obi Wa…kind of a play on Obi wan Kenobi and 'what?"
I’ve picked up run over cats from the road before and rescued stray dogs…

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Hey @jukebox that was a really kind thing to do - poor pup :dog: I kind of think that I did the right thing too, I adopted my dog from the animal shelter - best decision I ever made!

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Enjoy your new pup. I climbed a tree to get my cat Chewbacca when he was a kitten. He could fit in the palm of my hand. I bottle fed him formula. He broke his leg close to the hip. He had to have surgery to fix it.

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It seems the Force is sending animals our way…

Obi Wa… Chewbacca…

I knew someone who had a turtle named Yoda before…

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“These aren’t the pets you’re looking for.”

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I used to have a pet bat named “Star Wars”. Funny, he never came to me when I called him.

Some people when they have a dog they don’t want will take it out in the country and dump it beside the road. If it is a big dog sometimes it will pack in with coyotes or other dogs and start chasing live stock. If it is a small dock it will probably die of starvation, maybe after its had a litter of pups doomed to starvation. There’s a very good chance it will get killed by a car on the road.

There was 3 pack of pit bulls strayed or dropped off last year around here. they ran right through my yard. I brought out food but they just stopped, looked, and kept running. months later i saw the big tiger striped one in the woods a mile away and very skinny. the black one came back like 6 or 7 months later and was skin and bones…I fed him but he was pretty far gone so lost him last fall.

This puppy was dropped off on the road in front of my place several years ago…he got loose and I am assuming he got taken by someone since he was an Miniature American Eskimo and people want those… he followed me and started walking home about a mile away but never made it home…there were no dead dogs on the side of the road so I’m pretty sure someone snagged him…