Dog troubles this morning has been awful

When I posted a few days ago, we found a hound pup on the side of the road starving and full of parasites…he was near dead when we found him…well, my brother where we found the dog has told the owner neighbor that we have him and that he wanted to know when he could come by and pick him up…after long deliberation I decided that the dog will stay with us…I texted the owner that we lost the dog over night and that he might check the dog pound…I just can’t return our new dog to the previoius owner…he was so mistreated? Am I doing the right thing?


I think you’re doing the right thing for the dog. He deserves an owner who will take care of his health and well being. And the previous owner clearly wasn’t doing that.

I have a dog myself, so I get very angry at mistreatment of animals.

I commend you!




Yes, you are doing the right thing. There are people in this world who are really crazy. In humane ones are near the top of the list. We are very sane as a people. Don’t be afraid to fight crazy with crazy. This is the kind of situation that deserves the attention of what we learn from Machiavelli.

ETA: I meant “inhumane.” Auto correct…


I don’t know about these things - Contact the Humane Society if necessary? A recent picture of the dog might be good.

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good for you…contact the police if there is any problem…congratulations on your new pet


That was a very brave decision. I’m glad this poor little guy has a new loving home.


You are absolutely doing the right thing. If you haven’t already, I would suggest documenting the condition of the dog with pictures, just in case the previous owner gets wind that you have the dog and decides to take some kind of action against you.

I’m in boxer rescue and it would break your heart if you could see the condition some of our dogs are in when we get them. Those previous owners don’t deserve that sweet pup. Thank you for rescuing him/her. That pup will love you forever!:slight_smile:

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the mis-treatment of animals makes me angry, you did the right thing, i am proud of you.
take care