Adopted the neighbor's puppy...saved him actually

we have dogs being mistreated everywhere on our block and across the street they have a little puppy that they can’t keep in their back yard and it kept getting out…after a while they just left the puppy in the front yard…every time I would check our mail or go somewhere the puppy would run up to us…well last night and all week actually it’s bee below freezing outside…and yesterday it was 9 degrees and the puppy was at our door so we took it in. the neighbors didn’t even look for the dog…


That’s so sad! I did something similar with a neighborhood cat. I don’t know why people get animals or keep them if they’re just going to neglect them


It is a crime to leave dogs out in freezing temperatures .
Even a dog house with a blanket is not enough in real cold conditions.

It is a crime to abuse dogs.

The dogs here are some of the beings I love the most.
I love them so much and will miss them when I move away.

I just took them for a morning walk around the yard.

Good that you are taking care of the little baby.:two_hearts:


I saw this film about dogs that were sleigh dogs left alone but most of them survived when they returned many months later.


Aww. Glad you took the pup. Now he’s safe and warm. :dog2:


We’ve done that twice with cats, but we had to rehome them long story wont go into that

Be careful @jukebox, the neighbor can accuse you of kidnapping their puppy.

we aren’t afraid…we can tell the police we just let it in overnight because it would have froze to death if we hadn’t and just decided to keep it…the neigbor I already wasn’t speaking to so we are already at odds. that’s not the neighbor I am afraid of though if I ever reported the crank dealers dogs they would probably retaliate…I think one of them died because after last weeks freezing weather I heard one of them crying in the middle of the night…and then I never saw them again…bastards.


Good job matey. You did the right thing!


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