Saturday morning motivation

…or the lack thereof. Have things I need to do today. Sitting here with a coffee instead.




Once begun, half one.

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Two of these so far, but with chai tea instead of Earl Grey.



Same here. Lots of things to do. Sitting here with coffee and social media instead.

10:00 am and i just getting up

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I slept till almost 8 today. That’s late compared to when I usually get up.

I loaded the dishwasher. But forgot to start it. So that was awesome.

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Okay, pork tenderloins are marinating:

Also have the pork ribs braising in the oven:

Mac and cheese next. Getting there.


luckily i have nothing to do today so was just chilling, luckily i met a nice woman at the cafe this morning and my friend and I had lunch with her, but yeah a really laid back day from what i am use to.

i think my pedometer is playing up bc i did more steps than it said this morning but my average is still 6-7000 steps a day, i did 1500 today so that will probably bring it down :frowning:

@ozymandias i’m having fish with rice lol

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Having friends over for dinner and some retro gaming. Going “hog” wild, so to speak.


:pig: :pig2:


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