I Just Took 1/2 Gram of Sarcosine

Here’s to hoping for the best. I have no clue what is going to even happen as a result of it with the reported improvements because I’ve never been there before in my life but here we go, no turning back now.

Far out, man! :wink:

I’m hesitant to try it, keep us updated if you noticed a difference.

Not sure what you’re trying to achieve with that dose. The average dose is 2 grams. I find 3 grams most effective.


I take 2g in morning.

I agree with you. 3 seems to be the magic number for me, 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

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It said to start out with 1/2 a gram at first so your body can tolerate it better.

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Yes - there are reports that some people are best at 1 gram. And don’t waste your money (using too much) if you don’t have to.

"The patient’s activity and mood improved within 2 weeks, but in the following 2 weeks the patient reported increased drive, activity, libido, unpleasant inner tension, and irritability. We ruled out hypomania and decided to decrease the daily dose of sarcosine to 1 g, which resulted in reduction of drive and irritability. Activity and mood improved compared with his state before adding sarcosine. We suggest a sarcosine dose between 1 g and 2 g per day with an initial dose of 2 g, but if side effects occur, the dose should be decreased to 1 g per day. "

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I was gonna take a gram for the day but I found it came in the mail in the afternoon so I was only able to take it once. I might just try a gram this morning when I take my meds because I didn’t notice anything bad happen like they said might if you take too much. I was feeling a little different somehow (not emotionally) I couldn’t put my finger on before I went to sleep last night but it wasn’t so incomprehensible to me that I couldn’t handle it like I was worried might happen. I notice this morning I’m not writing the wrong words rather than what I intended to write where it makes my sentences’ contexts get destroyed. My emotions actually feel calmer this morning but it’s probably too early to tell for certain with them because I’ve lately been getting bummed out due to bad associations with things from my marriage failing.

I wanted to have someone to be a “spotter” for me like in weightlifting so to speak who knows me well enough to interact with me and see if they notice any changes because I’m not going to have as much insight into it as a third party would but everyone I know like that is always busy 24/7 so I’m just winging it on my own.

EDIT: I think I was actually smiling a little petting my cat. I never smile for anything except laughing.

1 gram at once before taking it for a week or two was apparently not the best idea. My stomach is kinda upset and I actually feel kinda giddy and not in the dizzy sense that only ever applied to me. Guess I’m going back to 1/2 a gram from now on until I have more time to adjust.

2g in the morning, 2g at dinner for me right now. Took a week for me to start to pep up and second week for it to really hit. Takes about 3 days for me to slump when I run out.


Well if this is a sign of things to come, I hope it doesn’t get overwhelming for me but it’s definitely a sign the improvement I probably have potential for with it is worth it, once I manage to adapt.

I was talking to a friend last night on Skype who said for the first time I actually sound more believable as a human being now. I went back to 1/2 gram doses for now since I’m apparently not ready yet for 1 gram a pop. I noticed some significant improvements myself, such as I’m actually making normal typos sometimes, where I just missed a letter, rather than typing an entirely different word than I intended which does still happen, but nowhere near as often.

About a month back my kid made a pitcher of iced tea and she mistook my package of sarcosine for the similar looking package of Xyla sweetener we use. It was a very expensive pitcher of tea. It also packed a wallop. I figure I ingested about 20 grams at once before I realized the mixup. I could pretty much pick out every dust mote in the air around me and was darn near able to vibrate through solid objects. The tightness in my chest was horrible.

We now store the two products in completely different areas.



I’m experiencing similar things. I thought I just got an unusually good batch of Hi-C at McDonald’s last night, but I just went somewhere to eat and the food was ridiculously tasty, to the point that if I went to try to eat food in Australia again with how much tastier it was compared to food here, I’d probably do something in my pants by accident that is not work safe to write about.

Then I noticed everything looked about as colorful as a cartoon and probably looked kinda dumb sitting there tripping out on how pretty a ■■■■■■■ parking lot looks. ROFL

I probably can’t imagine what 20 grams at once must’ve been like for you.