No Privacy

Feel like I have no privacy whatever happens inside my mind outside people catch wind of it. This afternoon I was Skyping my sister, and bunch of guys jogging outside made a comment on the subject we were talking about. I feel people can read my thoughts and people always call me names because of it. I suffer intrusive thoughts and people call me a lot of bad names. For example I watching a commercial for autism and Tommy Hilfiger (famous american designer) who was in the commercial said I was a freak. Maybe he thought I thoughts bad thoughts about people with autism. This happens to me alot. The same day i was in a salon, and when I was leaving one of the hair attendants called me a witch. Maybe they thought I thought witchy thoughts about them. I miss my privacy and have a fear of celebrities. Any one in my position would hate these negative comments and feel they are unjustified. How can regain one’s privacy?


Have you had your hearing checked professionally? Doubt people really called you those names. Sometimes it’s easy to think they can read your mind, but just as you can’t read theirs, they can’t read yours.

Could it be psychosis?

Ok. Let’s start from the beginning. Do u hear these words inside ur mind or outwardly through ur ears? Either way they r just hallucinations hunni. Nobody can read ur mind. What’s more likely? That there is a vast telepathic conspiracy against u, or that ur brain is miss firing and producing these words that mimic people’s voicesthat u interact wwith? I’ve had this. I’ve had 2 really bad episodes where I heard everybody I met, friends, family, strangers, kids, dead people, dog walkers, publicans, shop keepers, hairdressers, if u can think of them, I heard them. Still do on occasion. Now I thought everyone could read my mind. Even my own family were against me but it’s simply not true. I still hear the voices of famous people both dead and alive, from the UK and America but I don’t believe I am telepathic anymore. U will get to believe that too in time. Just try and think about it rationally. Why on earth would strangers want to harass u telepathically? That’s presupposing it’s even possible when it’s not. If it were possible then someone would’ve collected James randis million dollar prize by now surely. It’s far more likely that u have a brain disease called schizophrenia isn’t it. I bet if u and I were in the same room u would hear my voice too but it wouldn’t b real. It would just b ur brain doing a spot on impression of my voice. U r not telepathic and nor is anybody else. U r simply ill. If ur meds aren’t working then go back to ur Dr and demand to try something else. U don’t have to suffer this. I am trying every medication possible to elimnate them one by one and even if none of them work, I still won’t believe I am telepathicbcoz iit’s just not possible. Any time u need grounding give me a shout. Xxx


I told some past stories on the net last year and then I had a cell phone conversation with one person, the phone line went quiet for a while and then there was a word in Swedish ‘berätta’ meaning ‘tell’, I believe somebody inserted this word in the conversation and wanted me to tell more.

I am really mistreated at my mom’s local Sprouts. They call me all sorts of names and I think they don’t care if I were dead. I think people can see the images in my mind which I feel they watch but they don’t have any manners. I wish they would get a taste of their own medicine I think this is the only way they would stop.

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I agree with you there, I hope you find something that works for you.

Same here as well, this is one of the creepy aspects of this experince.