I need someone to talk to about my problem

Can I talk to someone that has the same problem as me I really would like to talk to someone about this problem. If anyone can relate with their thoughts being heard and have the same problem as me that would nice to be able to have a conversation with. I have no one to talk to about this problem besides my dr but I don’t feel safe telling her because it’ doesn’t seem like she can help me. So please if there is anyone one out there I really would like to talk.

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This one seems pretty common on the board…I would hope one of our nicer members who share thought broadcasting would indulge their fellow board member…

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About broadcasting your thoughts ? It happens to me where I believe others know what I’m thinking. Its scary and tough cuz my mind tells me some crazy ■■■■ sometimes and others don’t need to hear it


I worry that both my thoughts and emotions are being broadcast. It’s a daily struggle, but it’s been better lately. I certainly can’t hear your thoughts, so I feel okay saying that no one else can either. But that doesn’t make it seem any less real to the person going through it. It’s torturous, feeling as though there’s no such thing as privacy. But I cling to the hope that there is privacy.

I have very severe issues in terms of my sexuality, because of the thought broadcasting delusion. How can a person have a strong sense of identity if they’ve internalized that their most “shameful” thoughts are being broadcast to others?


I have the exact same problem but 90% of the time I’m not aware of it and other people don’t notice so I live with it comfortably.

I have the same thing happen in stores so I just try to think of random bs so they don’t get anything important makes shopping chaotic tho when I’m thinking random song lyrics and noises to keep my thought safe. You can message me if you would like to anytime


Also fear people can hear and see my thoughts especially my intrusive thoughts. All I can do is take one day at a time.

i don’t have that, but i think people can read me from my body language

i hate looking people in the eye

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Is it hard for you to talk to someone cause of these voices?

I have this problem a lot, that is why I dislike crowds…that and the fact that I already have a crowded room of voices in my head I don’t need to add to them. I just try and tell myself: they can’t hear inside your head. You can’t hear inside their head. What you are hearing are your own thoughts or intrusive voices due to schizophrenia.

I also have to keep reminding myself the world doesn’t revolve around me. People can laugh/thing about things in my presence without it involving me at all.

Though I admit that’s easier said than done.


People can read my mind and sometimes I get embarrassed because I’ll think of some embarrassing memories and I feel like they’re internally laughing at me. My voices can hear my thoughts too but they tell me they can they don’t try to hide it and they use my own thoughts against me and make me feel evil. I’ve told my mom I feel like people can read my mind and she always says they can’t but sometimes people will slip up and say out loud what I was thinking.

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I think they try to program me with thoughts “I” this “I” that but it’s not me it’s them and what they want for me to do not do etc.(malicious)
They try to always be my i n eyes etc
I don’t really think much as such and am good with my thoughts.i don’t have nasty thoughts I don’t think.

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When I hear voices if I force out a lot of non stop talking I can make them b3 quiet

The voices in my head always try to communicate with people do you know anything I can do to make that stop

I hear people’s thoughts and they are usually thinking bad or weird stuff about me and gross stuff people think weird ■■■■ weirder than me

This is somehow reassuring.

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Is it really others people thoughts or is just our own voices making up thoughts cause that would be scary to hear other people’s thoughts in my head