Said I would go in to work tomorrow

They asked if I could do a half shift from 2-6. I said I would do it. Glad it’s only half shift that starts late. Just hope I can hold it together. Starting to feel zyprexa whitdrawal creeping in. Today has not been great. Been getting a lot of random pains different places in the brain that come and go. Earlier today it felt like I was losing it, but I’m feeling better now in the evening. I think cutting down on screen time can be a good idea. Seems to make me fuzzy now during whitdrawal.

Taking a few supplements to try to ease my way through this. Mostly in the category of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. I’m avoiding herbs as I believe them to maybe have a unpredictable effect on a broken mind. It feels safer to stick to basic nutrients.


I forgot - why are you stopping it? Are you starting something else?

That’s great that they’re letting you do half of a shift! I hope it works out for you.


Yes. Started seroquel.

Thanks. I didn’t sleep tonight, but I think I can get through it.

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It’ll probably take a few days to make the switch. Good luck!