Sado-masochist here

Beating myself when someone hurt my feelings. I’ve finally put it into words.

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My piano teacher was a sado=masochist. She hated we kids.

@pretzel I think your selling yourself short but I can relate. I often have come unstuck in social situations. It never stopped me from trying even though I’ve had some deal breaking failures. I guess I’m a positive person but that hurt is real.

In the past I’ve always said it was my fault. I was too shy, too lonely too this or that. When sz came in it became something I’ve come to terms with. I just did what I could to survive with a broken brain!

I live ok with my past nowadays. I wouldn’t change it even if I could because I’m happy with myself right now! That is important. Be happy with yourself now!


I am still in pain. This is why I can’t quiet the bad memories.

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It’s hard to let go. I can feel for you. People have little thought to the impact of their actions on those who are less able to deal with things. Some things still haunt me. Don’t get me wrong. I guess for me that pain is less than the joy I get from living.

I’m sorry it still haunts you. Be strong.

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