Sacred space

Today I asked my mans mother to back off a bit because she stands in my personal space.

She will stand a couple of cm from my face and I am not ok with that.

After a year and a half I spoke up about it today.

I do not mean to be rude but I want integrity and space.

Think there was a Seinfeld episode about it .lol
Love Seinfeld.

They want power of me but I told my man from the start I do not believe in him not his friends and family bossing me about.
I do not believe in obedience to my parents or man either

Yesterday a aweful woman was here and she ignored me the whole time only talking with my man and saying if she dumps his friend she will keep contact with my man .
She tried suppressing me and was just horrid ragata.

I am not respected unfortunately.

I am teaching my neigh and I to have space between us because it is dangerous if she is too close to my personal space when she is afraid or prancy or playing up.
For safety I ask her to move two steps back when we stop and she does .
She is so good n great.
Love of my life or one of the great lives of my life.

I wanted to marry my man today but there is still problems with his friends and family.

I can be married without sex but I want to have sex more often and get intimacy and privacy and sacred union happening.
He avoids eye contact or feels uncomfortable with it .

Maybe it’s cause he was with his x over twelve years .

I do not think anyone is bad in bed …
Maybe they are not compatible or maybe they have not awoken the flow etc

His cuddles and pecs on lips taste so great that I could perhaps be content with that if he does not cheat.

He cuddled a chick he knows for over ten minutes over a year ago and I was not ok with that either.

How do you do when someone invaded your personal space to suppress you or to get power of you even if they say they hear bad ?

Do you or would you does up about such a thing?

Or suffer in silence?

I am doing pretty well now.

I have not had delusions for a while now which is good.

I’m pretty stable I think.

Managing daily life and so.

I am reading a Deepak chores book now.

It’s not easy for me to read like his other book I read was easier but I pushed myself to keep reading it.

Happy I can read again.

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