With my family

My sister and Brother in law and my two little nieces are visiting now. That’s giving me something to do. Oh and I forgot their dog is here also.


Have fun! I wish my family lived close enough to visit.

have a nice time. :slight_smile: I always enjoy being around family…at least when I’m not overly paranoid about something…

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So happy for you. Sounds like your having a nice visit.

Do you see them often? Do you enjoy visiting with them?

No, I don’t see them often. Yes I enjoy seeing them.

That sounds nice. I hope you enjoy your time with them. :blush:

That’s great! I hope you have a great time! :slight_smile:

Good for you and to enjoy their company and visit.

I hope you were and are very happy for their visit and that you can have support and kindness from them.

I can suffer around my own family.

It has its reasons.

I miss being on Facebook because I can not see updates and pictures and how they are etc.

I have another profile I locked myself out on .
Been locked out for years so I just let it be.

I have had paranoia about my family but still Lo e them and like to see pictures and keep updated but now my grandma told me a cousin had another child.

I can feel uncomfortable around them.

I do not like them wanting power over me and boss me about with not understanding or if I disagree etc

I do notice I have done things my mum wanted me to do that I did not agree or visa versa

Also I had s memory of being molested as a baby and as a toddler held down by a wife to a man who penetrated me while my real father was locked in s gorilla cage devistated he could not do anything and then in hospital I was and then again as young but this is a delusion and I thought felt it was a memory but even if it was real I would forgive.

My father might say it was from another life time as he has started to believe in reincarnation.

I love them all but do not always enjoy being around them all.

My father is to visit me and we have not had so good relationship and I thought another man was my real father because he was close to me.

I am so happy he said he is proud of me.

He is always voting conservative and does not like when people do not work but despite me not working (in body and person)he is proud.

He is closer to his other daughter but it was mentioned he and I are very much alike.

He once said he sees things about himself he does not like in me.

He was not happy I got short legs and said to his x that only one child he wanted and she has long legs.
He cares about physical appearance a lot but has had girlfriends he did not find attractive but thought they were nice.

I think he is happy with his current lady and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

I do not want him or her bossing me about to power of me not any one else either.

We are both “lipsillar” and cried watching cartoons.
A dog called belle and a cinema film about o the alien that everyone said “o when they saw him but he makes friends with a girl that could be Rihanna’s character??

I want to be in peace with my family and not feel them being nasty to me.

And I would like to be in peace with them all.

It’s not just my family but when I heard voices moanes and gunshots it was mainly friends and family and very real it felt 24/7.

My grandma even.

They will visit a peaceful loving home so I want us all to be kind and respectful and no dramazzz.

Yeah always good to visit your family. Hope you have, or had a good time.

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