Russian goverment spying

am worried that am being spied on by the Russian government
they have cameras all over my house i cant drink the water from the tap because there poisoned
my husband is sick he has a fever am worried he might have had the tap water
he says there no spies and that am ill again
my psych wants to to be on only one anti psychotics am on two ( cant remember there names ) at the moment he says he wants to wait until am stable … the spies wants info about the uk govement
am a sleeper agent i found out because of a flashback
they got me when i was young i remember little about it
i cant say any more for now
its not safe and i dont feel safe at all

you are safe on here, no one can get you, we all understand how you are feeling. there are no cameras in your house nor is the water poisoned , i too have gone through something similar.
you should try and trust your husband who only wants the best for you.
as a paranoid sz i have imagined many things, none of my paranoid stuff has come true , i.e like my phone being tapped, cameras, being followed by mi6 , my food poisoned etc.
stay strong and know that i care.
take care

I think the Russian government pretty much has their hands full these days.
Doubt your doing anything that would interest them.
Don’t know where you live, but most tap water has a lot of nasty in it. Boil it before drinking if you think it’s necessary.
Heck if it were me and I thought it was poisoned, I think I’d just have to drink it.

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These are delusions. MANY people have similar delusions.Your mind is playing tricks on you, listen to your husband, listen to doctors. Trust that these people know better what reality is than you do and they want to help you. When you start getting better you will feel a huge sense of relief. But it starts with accepting help. Good luck.


Ella, I see that you posted this in the Delusions section. To me that is an indicator that you suspect these beliefs may not be true. They’re not true. You seem very paranoid right now. Work with your treatment team to address this because what you’re experiencing isn’t real. No one is spying on you, and no one is trying to poison you.

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It was moved here. 20

You know whats crazy, that ■■■■ happens all of the time.

I find it odd how we are on here making people think that anyone who ever talks about such things is crazy.

Isn’t that strange? People who talk about such things are not always crazy you know.

That ■■■■ really happens alot.

Reverse psychology perhaps? Or whatever type of psychology it is anyway.

If Ella is a diplomat, a spy, or a famous russian dissident then maybe I’d be inclined to consider this more than a delusion. But if Ella is just some average person with schizophrenia, then I consider it delusional thinking.


I went through all that, once i was put on med, and i got an insight of this illness , i just got surprised what a trick a brain can do. Its a persecutory delusion, don’t be afraid, it will go away. Keep yourself calm, try not to think about it, untill the delusion goes away.

Governments spy ordinary people. The FBI started maintaining records of my activities and movements in America already in 1994. Snowden is right.

My FBI file from 1994

Name of person searched: mjseu
Public record number: 0329687701B
Recent affiliations: Finland
Nationality: Finnish
Misdemeanors on file: None
Felonies on file: None
Address1: Unlisted
Address2: Unlisted
Photo: Yes
Photo date: 11/04/1994
Photo location: City park * Unlisted origin

In 1999 I was so paranoid about this spying that when my former U.S. spouse’s mother had visited Russia in the summer and brought a Matryoshka doll to my former spouse, I had to go through the whole doll and break the smallest doll inside to make sure that there was no microphones inside. Could not find any.

I know i know, delusional, i get that.

But coming from my perspective i was being communicated with.

If you got a bunch of “crazy” people out there talking about all of these things then they would be absolutely discredited and taboo to even speak or think about. That would free them up completely to actually do it at times because others would just call the guy crazy like us.

ella u r not a sleeper hunni. u have no connections to the british government so how could u possibly spy for russia? ur not even well enough to get a job let alone get into a high enough position within the british government to b of any use. calm down and try and rationalise this. listen to ur husband and pdoc. u r ill. u have a brain disease called schizophrenia. u r not a spy and ur tap water is not poisoned. hope this helps somewhat. xxx

This came to my mind. Were they the dolls made like former + present heads of state? Sorry - those dolls made a big impression on me - especially Gorbachev. I’ll stop here.

I used to get this…I stilll dont know if it’s real or not

How long did it take the government to come up with a whole lot of “not much” on you?
Did they move on after they got enough info, or did they keep following you hoping to find more?
They can probably get a whole lot more if you ever filled out a survey to win something.

Well if that summarizes the report they have on you, then the alleged spying must have stopped. Because this shows nothing out of the ordinary. May I ask you what your theory is as to why you think they showed an interest in you in the first place?

In 1994 I attended one event where the President of Finland was, he came there after he had had a meeting with Bill Clinton at the White House. In the 1990s my life was quite different. Many consulates of different nations invited me to attend their events in Atlanta. The consulate of Israel invited me to their events too such as the Israel’s 50th anniversary event. I was quite heavily involved in the international community in Atlanta and I traveled in different nations such as Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica and so on.

i wonder what they want you to do if they activate you. if you dont have a past history of etc, then i doubt you would have security clearance for you to get places they cant