Russian goverment spying

Snowden is right, but that was a rouse to get everyones attention off the real juicy subjects…mind control programs…
As for Russia spying…sure…both USA and Russia spy…they have even exchanged information …

Do you know people dont even need cameras nowadays? Well, if they want 100% accuracy they can but that takes lot of manpower to set up and implement, then monitor. psychic and remote viewing is the way to go…no hardware involved…and though not 100% accurate it certainly works to enough of a degree that the various gov’s that use it run programs specifically for it…

Shh the Russian Government told you not to talk about this

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Why do they do this to your mind?

Tell you they are spying and the water is poisoned.

They did that to andrew gadtke in his book, but he saw a shadow person during it, which i saw one to.

Is it simply just to hurt you? Or discredit the whole thing? Experimentations?

You’ve got to be honest, you get schizophrenics talking about certain things and they are instantly discredited are they not?

If you are like me ella then they are talking to you, but why talk about government spying and cameras and being a sleeper? Why?

The water is poisoned though, it has bad things in it, who could even call that a delusion at this point?

it is testing…experimentation, but not to scare you…its actually to test endurance and make you stronger. Thing is like over 90% fail to be stronger and freak out, think its a mental problem and the symptoms of both mental illness and mind control are identical with the exception you can CHANGE and mold the visions and voices produced by technology. And thats what they want because its a program, an agenda.

And why cant we talk about this stuff? Its all over the Syfy channel and other science fiction media…we are literally saturated with this on TV and in movies and books…which is also part of the conditioning largely produced by the Military Industrial Entertainment Complex…

“Military–industrial–media complex
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The military–industrial–media complex is an offshoot of the military–industrial complex. Organizations like Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting have accused the military industrial media complex of using their media resources to promote militarism, which, according to Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting’s hypothesis, benefits the defense resources of the company.”