What if I told you your not crazy

I think we are in a pool of spirits and in the cyber world the government has access to you astro body and attach your astro body to a doll and give it to the people they work for to drive us crazy. The people are demons and they see the good in you thus wanting to dirty you up or have you stopped down to their level. They have the tech to see what you are doing and be able to track your every move. They know what you look like and your location. They read all of you mail because they have placed your magnetics to something, I haven’t figured out what yet and they read what you write. At least that what mine does. They can read your mind with this technology too. They are working for the government and they watch you from birth because they know who you are. Then when you get of age they lay it on you. Then say you have a mental illness. I’m not making this up. It is the truth. Any thoughts?

I don’t think that people are demons but I believe in good spirits like Angels and bad spirits like demons. Demons are influencing people in bad ways making them commit bad things and sin. Demons are everywhere around us, but we don’t usually see them. Can you maybe elaborate on how the government controls us and why you think that we don’t have an illness? I am definitely not the same that I used to be before I started hearing voices and was hospitalized.

It’s obvious that you’re off your meds or need your dose upped.

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@Twialine I am on meds.

@thewhiteguard The government is shady and they have tech to tap into our being. Manipulating us at anyway they please. They have mics to talk to us from whatever thing they are using to our minds. It’s hard to explain into words but they are messing with our spiritual selves and it’s affecting our physical bodies. Nearly everyone that’s diagnosed with sz has at least complained about the surveillance cameras. That’s because they got our magnetics and doing God knows what.

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I second that motion. It’s an illness, it’s treatable, nothing more.


ok but in all reality what if it’s really not…

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My delusion is different than yours but it’s similar enough that I feel where your going. I do think it’s a delusion your having. Quite often our delusions tell us we aren’t really mentally ill and there is a conspiracy against us to make us think we are mentally ill when we aren’t. I would mention to your tdoc/pdoc your thoughts on all of this. Even though part of me still believes my delusions, I am always honest with my pdoc/tdoc about it. An adjustment in meds may make you see things differently.


I guess my thought is to ask if you’re getting enough sleep, first off, and second to ask if you’re having any other new and troubling thoughts lately.

I’d tell your doctor what you’ve told us. Maybe your dosage can be adjusted or maybe a different med might help relieve your mind.

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You can look at it by a number of different prespectives, an illness or a cluster of illnesses for instance.

Then you’re probably on the wrong site. We’re here to help each other overcome delusions, not promote them.


Ladies and gentlemen. Scotty don’t.

it’s not that I’m trying to promote it. but it’s definitely a thought that goes through my mind often.

There’s a difference between entertaining a thought and accepting it.

You’re wasting energy that can be spent on obtaining and consuming tacos. Just sayin’.


No, I’m crazy, but thanks for telling me that stuff.

If my meds aren’t working well I might entertain these thoughts but I’ll side with others and say maybe you need your dosages looked at.

No offense but this sounds like a scenario for a trash sci-fi where everyone is tall and blonde and wears latex.


I am strangely okay with that.

(Eats popcorn.)

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I would read/watch/applaude that

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