The government is in my tv

They interrupted a commercial and I saw a person with a headset on looking at me. I’m being monitored for what I don’t know. Have any of you caught the government spying on you?

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All the time. But that doesn’t sound practical. I think you are hallucinating.


Hey rox. Hope youre doing well. In my opinion i think it sounds like a delusion. Hope youre able to shake it


I sure hope so that it’s hallucinating.

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I am thinking that I’m being monitored by the free masons. Or some other secret society

I had the same delusions that I was wanted by the illuminati or something.

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no…I probably will say something that gets flagged for deletion like vitamins. It would be funny if there’s a random algorithm that every time u write vitamin it just automatically flags ur post for removal and if i test this out I wrote vitamin three times and it gets removed or “hidden” we will know that szadmin does not exist…is just an algorithm… :innocent:

There’s a poster on here that I think is a bot but I can’t call their name out or I’ll get suspended

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T.V. will mess with a delusional person…it was just some glitch in the commercial or something…don’t worry…I don’t watch live t.v. for the same reason…only movies on dvd…


See I’ve seen weird ■■■■ happen with pro wrestling and that was pre recorded. It’s one thing I know really well. They change things in the past. Like, here’s an example. After Wrestlemania 23, Shawn Michaels and John Cena had an ironman match. They changed it to be an hour long regular match. I was watching wrestling and they mentioned the match once and I’m pretty sure I said to myself “that was an ironman match” and the commentator goes “wasn’t that an ironman match, JR?”

One of my obstacles to becoming “sane” is all the stuff I’ve seen. I agree that everyone is living in their own reality and nobody cares about me, I can’t help but feel there is something else going on

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Once I thought they were living as ghosts inside my cabinet and grandfathers clock. Clearly delusional then, but for me it was absolute reality. I was very far from normality and still fear it because it was endless.

I think it might be possible there’s a camera inside my TV but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to watch me. I’m just a nobody and I’m not a hater or own a gun.

The government is in my wallet.


Oh the joys of schizophrenia lol. You must have some insight and realise thats a load of bollox right!?? lol.

Never had “government” delusions personally. Take it you lot would never have an echo device with a camera built in then?

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Sometimes I still believe it, that government do not exist, they are ghosts. Never seen them in real life, so the burden of proof is on them. :smile:

There is a video on youtube about whitehouse ghosts and that it is haunted, like lights go on at night.

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Yeah i get what you mean. Even defying logic, us lot will still believe it. Its the illness.

Im the same with my Angel for children rubbish. When your feeling ill and vulnerable that sort of stuff always has more power over you, even at times as a perverted source of comfort.

I was told by a voice that I could just walk into the whitehouse, as there is no-one there… they only have security outside. But I don’t live in the US, am not worrying.

is it from watching too much c-span?


Yeah I mean the news is often state sanctioned. :slight_smile:

If the fabric of reality was a kind of consciousness it would make a lot of sense