Rough Mornings

Who else takes forever to get going in the mornings? I usually wake up, get out of bed at least thirty minutes later, smoke a cig and make coffee and then sit here browsing these forums until I finish my coffee. It takes like two hours from when I wake up to when I have had breakfast and taken my meds.

Is this normal? I feel like a zombie when I wake up, it’s ridiculous. Does anyone else feel like a zombie and require a black coffee to get off their butt?

I am on Geodon, Xanax and Propanolol, by the way. I usually sleep for 9-10 hours, sometimes more


I usually spend a few hours every morning in bed waking up and going back to sleep, trying to muster up the motivation to get up and get my coffee. Not from meds, but from depression and avolition I think.

Yes it’s the depression for me. I drink coffee in the morning now to kickstart my day.

Glad to know I’m not the only one that has a hard time in the mornings. I feel like I’m a total zombie for two hours after I originally wake up

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I drink a lot of coffee, especially in the morning. If I dont drink coffee, I would turn into a zombie

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It’s 2:47PM here and I’m still in bed. Had two cups of coffee so far. I hate mornings so much that I wait for the afternoon to get up.
If I have to be somewhere early, like take my mom to the Dr’s, I set my alarm to go off a half hour before I have to be at her house (10-15 minutes away), then jump out of bed and dash in the car and go.
The less of the morning I see the better.

My sis will wake me up two hours before I have to get ready because it take me forever to get going and get dressed and drink the coffee and catch my breath and find my glasses and remember who I am, who she is, where we are.

I am very disorganized. I do glitch and freeze in the middle of the motion as my head races so it will take a bit to get me back in my head and moving again.

I also have to give myself time to loose my wallet, my keys, my jacket. It takes me so long to get out the door.

I can definitely relate to this.

all mornings are rough but i think this a normal thing for everyone the ill or not ill !
take care

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Takes me a good three hours to get ready before heading out the door. :door:

The difference is in the medicine side effects.

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