Romantizing the past

Do you tend to see the past before you got sick as carefree and easy? I know some of you have had rough childhoods. I had some great experiences growing up but I was unhappy a large part of the time, even when I was having “fun”. If I look back at my life one way, I had a happy childhood but if I give it a hard look, I was actually quite miserable for a large part of the time.
How do you see your past life?

Man highschool was bliss. Got high every chance I could. Had a lot of friends. Everyone was playing halo on Xbox. I was the best player in my town. Not kidding. It was only 1800 people. Even schooled a few people in their mid twenties one time.

It was bliss. Then I moved out of that place and slowly the stresses of real life became to much for me.

After high school it was all about learning as much as I could. Read a lot of fiction. Tons of Wikipedia articles. College classes.

More drugs.

I think part of what led to me getting sick was that the good days were coming to an end. I didn’t have much to do but work and learn about the most delusional things.

Then more drugs.

God I was so stupid to not see something was wrong when all this started. Looking back that’s how I identify what it’s like to be schizophrenic. Now I just have this psychosis which I understand better all the time.

My young adulthood was great. I was on top of the world. And then it all crumbled. I had a great job, great family, fast mind. 180% aware of what was happening around me.

I had the BEST childhood ever. Yes I had an abusive brother and horrible social anxiety but there wasn’t a day I felt depressed. I only remember being happy ALL THE TIME. Then came my schizo around age 22 and that’s when suicidal ideation and depression hit. But I’m not sure if those were my better years. I like all the knowledge I have today. I value logic and knowledge above all else. So no I wouldn’t trade a happy life for a more ignorant me.

This describes me exactly. I thought my life was great until I turned 15. However, when I look back and think, I realize I wouldn’t want to go through what I went through when I was little again. There were some things about my childhood that were excruciating. Still, there was some happiness in my early days.

Finished :slight_smile:

No but seriously I do look back mostly with nostalgia. I think of how unruly I was , how opinionated and creative I was , and in some present day scenarios , I think what would the past guy do now in this scenario , he would tear up the rule book for starters , I can picture him , debating , arguing , etc. , and it makes me smile , I was an idiot in a way , but did a lot of cool things.

Frank the tank

I know that there are the great number of people in my age group in the former Soviet States who remember their childhood and younger years as good and peaceful, you may see these people also in this video wearing a red hat and a red scarf.

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Yes 100%
Even though it wasn’t that great it’s still better than now and I used to have fun.

I hate thinking about the past. The only thing I miss is having lots of people around. Then again, where are they now?

I agree with @Joker The past is not something I want to be reminded of.

Yeah I liked being a kid with no worries.

I think puberty in combination with having to “fit in” or be ostercized is what triggered my first stage of paranoia.

As a matter I pretty much live like a kid now with simple pleasure.

I have a occasional beer but don’t hang out at bars because of potential situations that lifestyle may put me in.

Was happy until around 10 years old when puberty threw my hormones out of whack and sent me into a spiraling depression for the next four years. Things just went downhill from there.

I’ve always had mental issues but it never really caused damage to my emotional health until that age. That’s basically when I feel my childhood ended.

I definitely do this. This is something I do all the time, but when I see videos, pictures etc. I remember how it really wasn’t that good then either.

Carefree - - - - but as you said - not really.

I think it’s hard to see the past as it was, cos there’s no objective ways to see it.
There’re always one or more feelings attached to each part of the past, and the feelings change overtime.
So at least you can see how you interpret your past or part of the past.
If you see the past in a negative way then i think you are likely to have something to work on in your current life and that’s one way to use the past because how you feel at the moment about the past is happening right now, not in the past.

I myself see my past in a somewhat negative way, and I do have some things to work on in my current life.

I was diagnosed when I was 12. For 4 years prior to that, my mom battled and eventually died from cancer. As far back as I can remember, my childhood had a dark cloud of illness hanging over it. I don’t really know what it’s like to have a worry- or carefree life.

I miss the security of full-time work and savings back when this city had enough decent work to support someone who tried…I hate being so close to the financial edge now and living in a place that won’t financially support a lot of people any longer as the scams, ruining people & fighting for the drones ran this place into the ground. Wished I could have avoided moving back here but lived in a couple places I just couldn’t stand so I’m back to no-where…

My ‘problems’ were inevitable. I was hanging out way too much with someone very troubled. Eventually her problems hurt me. I had a nervous and psychosis started. Meds never relieved it for me. I’ve heard it for 11 years non-stop. Her other ‘friends’ had worse happen so…

I also know the other people she hurt have been bothered by her violent family problems for 30 years now and they never handled it with the cops here so nothing can really be done to protect me. It does appear some victims went to cops but it was covered up as the victims were ruined & discredited…most left. My future lay before me, predictable but I’ve learned a lot of things to help me deal with the ‘scam’.

  1. Don’t own much, it will own you.
  2. Living alone & female is impossible in some places.
  3. Manage the psych doctor without getting angry. There are some flaws in their care policies. Just accept it and handle shortcoming (like refusal to give you advice to handle social problems) without discussion. Discuss a little of your functioning/symptoms, get a refill, make next appointment and leave.
  4. Urban areas can be intense while psychotic and symptoms seem to spread worse to others. City has harsher ways to handle annoyances. Stick to the suburbs and smaller communities…Rent is cheaper anyway. In some cities, I don’t even want to share walls…the part-time psychotics bothered me bad.
  5. Do not use psych doctor in your town. An hour drive to the pdoctor will keep the stimga away longer. Fill prescription in town when you go to your appointments or mail order it. If you ever have to use the hospital for ER, don’t discuss your psych meds. Pharmacy checks for drug interactions anyway…