How was your life before you get schizophrenia?


I really miss my life before i get ill so much. I still remember almost everything and realize schizophrenia cost me badly. I lose almost everything, my great job, my health, my friends, etc…
how was your life before you get schizophrenia?
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Can’t really say much about it. I was diagnosed at age 12, and don’t have many memories of being a kid.


I was very motivated, a hard worker. I was going somewhere. But I just took a different path and will still find myself “somewhere”. No use in thinking “what if” at this point. Just got to make do with the hand dealt.


I miss my life too. Got ill in 2010. I was a boss and did a great job. I had such a fun job. I loved it. Then my brain decided to crash completely. I forgot everything, even how to cook simple meals.

I made a fool out of myself. I got my co workers tangled into my paranoid thoughts. But I’m back on my old company doing mindless floor job. Body work instead of brain work.


Depression mainly. Still can’t figure out how my parents didn’t get me help a long time ago.


I was a software engineer and fairly gregarious. Travelled on my own in south america and asia. Lucky that i was diagnosed in
My mid 20s


I count the first time I got sick at the age of 15, though I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 28. Life wasn’t bad. I was popular. I was into the sport of wrestling. But then I became prey to the most intense fears. I’d sit in class so scared I was sure something had to break inside me. It was extremely unpleasant.


I was quite successful before the diagnosis. I was working at a university and was popular among the students. I was promoted to a high position and was envied by my colleagues. Now I lost my job and most of the friends.


I had done pretty good as a manager and haircutter for almost 10 years, but I knew I was just faking it, and every day was getting harder and harder to keep myself from unraveling.
After a series of events left me more traumatized than all my years growing up, I finally gave up and wen’t into my own little world.


My parents swear my melt down at age 5 was my first psychotic break. I was out of my head by the time I was 15.

I have some great child hood memories… but I also didn’t know myself before I got this illness.


My childhood sucked. My teens sucked. My early twenties sucked. I thought I was having fun before my SZ, but much of it was just the booze and the drugs twisting things. Turns out that there wasn’t much to brag about. The life I have now with SZ is actually pretty good compared to what I had.



it was good.had my wife and son and a job and a circle of friends.after sz wife died son moved away and lost a lot but not all my friends.just gotta carry on ,one day at a time and all that razmattaz.


It was fearless bliss compared to what I go through now. Lots of marihuana use and drinking lots of friends and hard work. I was in line to become a GM for jimmy johns. Unfortunately I had a mental breakdown and I still have voices and feel like everyone is telepathic. It is changing me, for a short while I was worse off because of the content of the sz, but now I’m doing better on at least a psychological level. I’m working to reduce the impulsivity of my thoughts in order to get better control of this virtual telepathy. Trying to create a clean mind. I was in the gutter there for a while, but that is their fault if they really are telepathic. Still waiting on the voices to stop.


Life was not the best before, i had been in trouble with the law quite a bit and leading up to diagnosis i was adamant that i could control fate and needed just to be free and live.


My life was great before sz. I had a lot of friends. I used to work hard and play hard. I got into trouble a couple of times for driving under the influence. I got fined but fortunately I didn’t lost my license. I got engaged three times. The third time I got married for two and a half years. I was branch manager of a large security company. I had 500+ people working under me. I had a large house and two townhouses. I had troubles in my marriage and I gave up my job, sold all the property and got divorced all at one time. I then got a job again at the same company and worked for another 5 years as a project manager before I got diagnosed. I worked for a further 2 years after my diagnosis as an admin manager but was then medically boarded because I couldn’t cope with the sz.


I had a lot of panicdisorder/depression/hyperactivity as a kid - coming from on over emotional family did not help my situation


My life was awesome, or so it seemed.

I was so ignorant of the world that i felt as though i were in some wonderful place. That was the best part actually. The feelings from my ignorance and blindness to the situation were enormously wonderful, i was so happy back then.

In reality it was kind of eh.


I was an amateur astronomer in my teens before I got sick, I wanted to study to become a professional astronomer. Then I started getting sick and it all went down.


I was a street husteler making tons of money( no drugs involved) i was active had too many friends, i was alcoholic and slowly i withdraw from everyone, thats when i realized something is wrong in my head, i was put on medication and became stupid. I am glad that i got used to this medication, i got some of my intelegence back.


I liked my life before I became sz. I had friends a girlfriend and I really though my life was going somewhere. Now im 38 and still live at home with my parents. SZ really did rune my life. I wish I could get out from underneath this but its so hard. I am doing better now and want to become a semi truck driver but everyone is against me on this one. I dont know what to do.