Role of dopamine in hallucinations

I find this interesting that even with low dopamine levels you can have hallucinations in parkinsons.

What do you think?


Well schizophrenia is more of a cluster of symptoms under a banner, so I guess it makes sense that other illnesses could also have parts like hallucinations.

Yeah its weird. Even certain hallucinogens that act on other brain chemicals don’t seem to allow for hard hallucinations if on antipsychotics.

…not that i would know anything about that…!

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I know you still hallucinate on ketamine while taking ap’s because for some reason they gave it to me at the emergency room last time I went. I guess it’s supposed to help with depression and the er doc thought it would help me. It seemed sort of experimental. When he added it to my iv I almost immediately started hallucinating and I said “why would you give a schizophrenic something to make them hallucinate? We try not to hallucinate” He looked surprised. I don’t think they knew I was sz. I think he thought I was just suicidal from depression.

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Whoa, thats insane they gave you ketamine. That must’ve been an odd (lack of a better word) experience.

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oh man! I was tripping. The doctor’s face melted off and I didn’t even care. In a way I want to do it again, now that I know what to expect.

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research dopamine in the niagra striatum, that has to do pk disease
Also watch “The Awakenings” with Robin Williams, based on a true story using L-dopa for encephalitis

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