Connection between dopamine and auditory hallucinations?

Can someone please explain the connection between dopamine and hallucinations? I have a very advanced knowledge of this disease but this is the one thing that completely eludes my knowledge. What the heck does dopamine have to do with voices?!

I can understand what it has to do with antisocial behavior and motivation and even learning new skills and cognition…

But voices/hallucinations come out of left field for me. What the heck does that have to do with the neurotransmitter of dopamine and the receptors in the temporal lobe?

My only guess would be that up regulation created extra dopamine receptors and thus transmitters which would simply create conversation and language processing in the brain… Which is why we love our stimulants! So we can keep the “third eye” pumping artificially… Because it crys out in pain when you cut off it’s supply by not revving up your CNS to supernatural levels?? (In some particular cases)

What’s the story here?

Oh god don’t call that thing my third eye. It’s more like a demon that always wants to be revved up. I like revving, but can’t handle the voices and hallucinations. I miss the old days when I would just be a little delusional about situations, which I think everyone has.

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