Robots are going to take over human jobs and the world

@exhile first of all I provided a very positive model for humankind where artificial intelligence will be good for
all of us - solve all diseases, advance science to unprecedented heights,
raise our standard of living to unprecedented heights,
provide an unlimited number of artificial jobs for all who want them
( in contrast to today’s fiercely competitive market where people hate each other and chew each other in the attempt
to get the job/the promotion),
provide an unlimited amount of free time, as much as you wish.

All this will be possible, it is true that artificial intelligence is developed by humans but it doesn’t matter
once humans lay the foundation the AI starts thinking on its own,
at first robots( AI) will be as intelligent as humans( in all domains) and then exponentially smarter!!
Do some reading about artificial general intelligence and technological singularity.

this probably belongs in unusual beliefs but as a side note my therapist before last was a robot, and I told her so according to my husband. I have no memory of this delusion. lol. now you can move it.

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Intelligent personal assistant such as Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa are early stages of artificial intelligence but they aren’t perfect. Diseases may get cured but new ones will emerge. Only even some parts of the world is the standard of living well enough for a country’s population but majority of the world still live in poverty. I agree that the job market for well paying jobs is fierce but it has to given the salary offered.

The movies portray artificial intelligence as thinking own its own but realistically it won’t happen. Too many factors such as adaptation, evolution and reproduction are some aspects that artificial intelligence will never grasp. Robots will be made to assist humans but can never be smarter than humans.

Ai will become smarter than humans, like it or not,
I believe that AI is a miracle for mankind, AI with IQ 10000, this is the dream of humanity,
it will turbo charge human progress and make the world much much better than it is today.

Apple, Microsoft, Google & Amazon have products that are associated with artificial intelligence. Technological innovation is what drives humans to make the world a much better place than it is today. An IQ of 10,000 is science fiction like that of Star Trek’s Q continuum.

@exhile let’s wait and see. I am glad that you support technological innovation.
Regarding artificial superintelligence we have to wait and see.
Today superintelligence is a science fiction, but in the past things like submarines and airplanes also belonged to science
fiction,and they are now reality.

Real A.I. is still science fiction but I hope that someday they’ll save us. Humans are unfit to rule.

Here’s a news article from the BBC about artificial intelligence:

Humans have been ruling earth since evolution. I don’t see how A.I. will stop this trend from continuing.


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If businesses can profit from a new product and the mass market accepts the technology than for sure.

It will see that humans are a threat to themselves and it will turn our weapons against us for our good.

Sounds like a science fiction movie… Kind of like the defunct move franchise… “The Terminator”.

Except that it will not need to shoot.

@exhile I am sick already of this.
Haven’t you figured that AI will rule the world in a much more conscientious way than humans?
That it will solve all humankind’s problems and make the world a much better place?
Why won’t you stop being afraid of the world’s progress and relax?
AI is not a threat, it is a great blessing.

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We’ll have to wait and see how A.I. develops. I don’t think war, poverty and disease can be solved by A.I. Artificial intelligence will be a service to those corporations who offer and profit from it.

We are talking about a real AI with self-consciousness and not about a simple machinery, there is no reason for it to serve only those corporations.

Robots like ASIMO from Honda & Toyota are improving vastly. Apple’s Siri & Microsoft’s Cortana are also responding better to human queries. It is the corporations that drive these technologies to where it is today.

So robots will steal our jobs?..

Does this mean there’s going to be a whole bunch of Elvis Impersonator robots out there some day?

But these robots are not AIs, they are still ‘stupid’ programs.