Robots are going to take over human jobs and the world

There not taking my job posting on this forum. Oh wait, I will be replaced by a chat bot… eek

Better, we will sleep more and taking sun bath and also there will be just one job, robot making,


Technology already has taken over the world.

Warehouse robots have replaced humans.

Can robots replace themselves?
Do they get a paycheck? Who’s going to buy all this crap the robots produce if no one gets a paycheck?
And who is it that needs all this work these robots replace if the human gets phased out?
Not like the robots eat food, or want to drive, or vacation.
Seems the robots would eventually run themselves out of business.

The cost effectiveness of a warehousing business to replace humans with robots must be beneficial. No wages, no health coverage, no sick days, no recruitment of labour are all factors in the decision making of a corporation. Robotics, artificial intelligence, software development are the future jobs of humanity.

Jesus will come back before robots take over…I’m not afraid.

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Robots are tools to assist humans. Robots can only take over laborious, mundane, repetitive tasks.

@exhile robots will take over all jobs and the world, whether you like it or not!

Take it with a grain of salt. While, a lot of jobs will lose out to automation, a lot won’t. Automation is different than AI. A great deal of manufacturing jobs are very automated to begin with. The people are currently employed in those jobs are not at risk because they are there for a reason that automation cannot fix. AI is not the same as automation. Machines fail. And a repairman is not qualified to nor has the time to sit and make sure those machines are doing their job. He’s off to the next machine. Now if a robot can sit there and run the machines then that is different. But that’s at least a few decades away, minimum.

Not in our lifetimes :confused:

@Erez_Shmerling Robots can’t code software by themselves to operate properly nor can they be designed, engineered and manufactured without human ingenuity.

I remember reading an article where the writer basically said robots doing all the work for no money = money being generated with no one to use it = guaranteed income for people for jobs they didn’t do so they can fuel the economy with spending = infinite time for science and the arts
so thats a pretty optimistic way to look at it

Yes yes yes @korieve!!!
Let me sit in Argentina, let me have a high standard of living and not work!

@korieve Robots need maintenance and upkeep such as electricity.

Robots can’t replace jobs that deal with creativity.

@exhile robots will be able to maintain themselves and develop new robots and solve all diseases, do everything and
anything, once artificial intelligence goes far enough.
I believe that people can just enjoy themselves, everyone can have a high standard of living,
all jobs will be automated but you can have artificial jobs with no salary for people who want it,
not real jobs but artificial ones, for people who find it hard to occupy themselves.

Most humans are robots anyways. :joy:

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Robots are not that intelligent. You have to code the software, design the robot for a specific task and manufacture the robot. For example the auto-pilot on a Tesla Model S couldn’t sense a tractor-trailer ahead of the road and a crash occurred killing the driver. Software cannot correct itself, only humans can.