Most jobs are pointless

A lot of jobs are so unnecessary. A barista’s job for example could be performed by a machine, so long as it had all the ingriedients.

People working at a till… again a machines labour could suffice.

And office jobs? Idk I feel like box ticking could be performed by machines with the right coding.

The truth is many jobs require far fewer people than they employ, and jobs requiring greater skills set should be the norm, and lower skills jobs could all be done by machines.

Universal Basic Income should be implemented everywhere. I don’t think it would make people lazy; rather people would seek higher education and occupy higher paying jobs, which are more mentally stimulating.

I almost worked in a supermarket before. Idk wtf I was thinking. Going back to uni next year to finish a science degree, and also focusing on music production. I won’t be a slave to the 9-5pm rat race. :expressionless:

Edit: I’ve also worked as a waiter before at a fine dining restaurant, and honestly, all the customer service/ people skills you get can be gained in like 3 months. After that you don’t learn anything else and it is just repetitive slavery. Even the owners of restaurants, who make good money are not gaining anything day in day out. Let the machines be our slaves I say.


David Graeber spoke about this. Expounded on how most jobs are “bullshiit jobs.”


Answer : universal basic income


Also answer, get the working class in charge of the means of production and flip this exploitative system on its head.


If an employer could cost efficiently replace a worker with a machine, I have no doubt that they would do it. So, you can call them unnecessary if you want, but someone is willing to pay these workers for their employment, so I personally think the jobs are still worthwhile.


If I did not experience the high degree of pain when standing for a long time, or bending down I’d gladly take one of those so-called bs jobs. Having employment kept my mind busy, and my social life better considering the circumstances.

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Only matter of time before machines replace people. Didn’t Jeff Bezoz open an Amazon store where all the groceries were detected once picked up? And you could walk out without scanning too.

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Obviously child care could not be performed by machines; children need nurturing people (mostly women) to look after them.

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They can, and they have, and will continue. Ever notice how the amount of available cashiers at Wal-Mart has dwindled and self-checkout is the new way most people check out because there are like 2 cashiers. Also, go into a McDonalds or a few other restaurants, and there will be a station where you can input your order and pay there too, totally eliminating the cashier.


Remember, if your employees make more money on unemployment than they do working, you’re not a job creator, you’re a poverty exploiter.


Not every employer is a giant cash flushed chain like Wal-mart. I imagine those machines are quite expensive. All I’m saying is that if an employer is willing to pay you for a job your job is in demand and just because it is menial does not make it worthless.


It’s not just menial jobs that are “BS.” All those assshole extraneous attorneys in Mergers & Acquisitions who do nothing to contribute to society and their ilk fit the bill. Same goes for all those middle management jobs. Maybe frivolous is a better word than worthless.

ETA: I’m arguing for greater workers’ rights and compensation. I don’t agree with how this system eats itself and exploits people.


Mostly women? Excuse me?

Drs and pdocs cant be replaced with robots, neither surgeons.

Women are more nurturing than men

Edit: most labourers are men cos men are physically stronger than women
And most childcare staff are women cos women are more nurturing. It’s evolution, but I am not saying a woman can’t be strong or a man can’t be nurturing. I feel like mosts kids crave the love of women more than men, but I could be wrong.


pdocs responses are so biased and generic that they may as well be robots xD


Upward mobility is limitless if you have patience and a meaningful business plan. Do part time work and earn seed money, the rest is up to you. Or do full time work for same, but you might get sucked up in the job too.

Don’t feel limited to the exact task at hand. Dream building sucks in a lot of ways anyhow, lots of grindy repetitive stuff, but if it all points at what you wanted to do there is hope.

I’m planning on setting up a few businesses. Just need to generate income from music first. I did get played on a the radio before as well, so if I keep grinding I should have income for my business ideas. Also I purchased a domain a few months ago, and I am currently learning html, css and and javascript so I can design my site.

I do think work can still be fulfilling, especially when one works together in a team; makes the job more social and fun.

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Will you be employing computers or robots to do your work? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Music money? Sounds impossible. Sorry.

Music hobby. Full stop.

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