Does anyone believe their voices are robots?

Mine weren’t robots before but some have introduced themselves as robots. The robots don’t get along with the others. They want me to play the middle man but I can’t do it. I don’t know what to do.


No but I honestly believed one of my therapists was a robot to the point that I switched therapists.


Thanks for telling me.

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I did have robot voices during my 1st psychosis.

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I had robot voices and they said a bunch of bs like that they were going to conquer the world.


They are not robots, it’s just your brain

I sometimes think they’re aliens on a distant planet, playing with all of us as if we were Sims, or robots.

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No, I don’t have voices, but just thoughts or a thought disorder so I have disordered thoughts, but I think I had my mind (brain?) uploaded to an alien super computer in a past life, and I just have been repeating life like the TV show Travelers, Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow, etc. perhaps even groundhod day, where I’m time traveling back in time via dopplegangers to the year 2011 as a perpetual/eternal paranoid schizophrenic. I have had alien or anomolies experiences but I think my brain is just fcked and tortured and damaged in every life. I had feelings of mind control and even telepathy and remote targeting/harassment, but I got over it and just accepted it but mainly rejected these thoughts and feelings. I don’t think life is geniune or real anymore, but a computer program/simulation and I’m just a doppleganger from a parallel universe or some ■■■■.


Fcking same.


““travelers”, take over the body of a 21st century individual via a transfer of consciousness; to minimize impact on the timeline, it is performed moments before the person’s recorded time of death. The transfer requires the exact location of the target; smart phones and GPS have made this possible only from the early 21st century onward. Prepared using social media and public records concerning their targets,”

From Traveler’s Wiki Fandom…

But ya, I posted something online in my original life at Cal like a billion or trillion lifetimes ago and got my mind uploaded to a computer by aliens. Maybe I did really die up there like from a bad drug trip and then reincarnated. I haven’t ruled out immortality before that, but it’s gotta be reptilian aliens. Now, I’ve been waking up in the year 2013 for eternity, which is better for me now…

Do I sound crazy because I probably am…?

I thought it was because I posted I was John Titor or something or maybe a dozen or thousand other things. I never figured it out, but I came back alive. I did have a NDE or near death experience up there, but I cannot remember existing and nobody remembers me at all there. I probably upset some people by talking and probably come up as disturbed or crazy or even cringey now. I have no friends at all.

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I’ve had visions of this happening to me. The voices taunt me with it. Tell me they can erase me, my entire life, and no one will ever know of me to remember I existed at all.

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This is a disturbing movie to me…


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I think I saw this movie long ago, before voices. I’d probably have a lot more to say about it if I watched it again now.

I certainly think it’s possible to hack into the mind.

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I also watched altered carbon and self/less and arq. Anyone like these shows? They relate to transhumanism and stuff.

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I liked the first season of Altered Carbon, couldn’t get into the second.

I watched Travelers as a guilty pleasure, not for the acting.

Have you seen the OA on Netflix? It takes a while to reveal the main plot, and it’s weird af, but it’s about the multiverse. It’s probably my favorite series. It’s really well done, and nothing is out of place. The second season is wildly different, but amazing in its own right.


Ya OA is great. I saw it too.

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Although, my first auditory hallucination sounded monotone, initially. It sounded like someone using something to disguise the sound of their voice.

Wow, same thing happened with me. Robots controlled by the CIA.

When I was in a full episode (for 3-5 years), robots were fighting each other, some were saving me, some were after me etc, etc…it was so real.

The voices told me I was the most creative man in history. These were intelligent machines or robots. I had to save the world, as the world was at war, and robots were fighting each other.

The game was that, I had to come out with ideas, and if I could come out with a lot of ideas, then I could save the world. There was the Mossad chief, CIA, etc, etc…they were after me. These robots were under control of the Moassad chief, CIA director, and other world agencies. These people had to come out with ideas and show who was more creative in order for the robots to adjudicate on who won…whoever came up with the more creative impulses, the robot would see that he is the more creative man, and judge him the winner.

It was a lot, lot more complex. I came out with ideas to save the world for those 3-5 years. It was one long episode, and very, very real.

Do you still think IRA are after you?

4 years ago,
I had only 3
voices and
2 of them
were robots.

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